Abhilash Bandari, here to begin reaching for the skies

Abhilash Bandari

Abhilash Bandari, a well educated but creative person, decided that corporate jobs are not for him. He has made a detour in his life path and is now looking to give his best in the field that he chose. He aims to reach for the skies in the Film Industry. His decision may have come after some thought, but he is fully prepared to give it his all with discipline and consistency. Nothing is going to detract him from winning those accolades for something he believes in. Films and web series have taken his full time attention now. Call it choice or destiny, he is determined to stay and make a splash. Let us find out more about Abhilash, so read on.

A family that always stands behind him

Abhilash Bandari was born in Hanamakonda, Warangal on 12th November, 1994. His father Bandari Murali Krishna was a Lawyer and mother Bandari Aruna, runs her own Designer business.

They are highly educated and belong to a class that respects values, societal ethics and personal interests over anything else, which has been instilled in him and his brother since childhood. Abhilash’s elder brother is very supportive and loving towards him. “They are very supportive in whatever I have done till now and will be in the near future as well. I haven’t received nor will ever receive a ‘No’ no matter what,” he says with pride and gratitude. 

Education and its impact

Abhilash has an envious educational background. It comprises Vidyaniketan High school – up to 8th standard, Narayana E-techno school – 9th and 10th standard, Sri Chaitanya junior college – Intermediate and IBS Hyderabad – BBA.

Abhilash Bandari

Speaking about his teachers, he notes that they had a meaningful impact on him. In fact, they encouraged him to participate in all the co-curricular activities and made sure he showcased his talent in multiple ways. The Business School graduate was very active during schooling. “Culturally, academically, socially I was very active and had received many awards, scholarships and accolades too,” he shares. However, films are a novel experience to him as he hasn’t trained for it. 

The most solid support

Abhilash friends

Divulging details about the most important people in his life, he says, “my parents, brother and a very close group of friends, who I met during this course of life, played an important role and continue to be the same no matter what life takes us through.”

What the industry teaches us

Entering the industry, Abhilash has a few gems of observation. 

He reveals that the skills most important in the industry are discipline, hygiene, attitude and performance. He might be starting out, but he has his eyes set on those enticing targets. “I always wanted that name and fame which had driven me to take up this path,” he states. 

He is unique in having a different take on how tough the industry can be. He reveals that it’s not really a tough place but would say this area needs extreme discipline and how consistent one is to achieve that. He further elaborates that struggles are always a part of each step you take, which help in your personal and as well as social development.

A role model close to home

Abhilash Bandari Brother

“My brother Atul Bandari is my role model, he stands out as a one of a kind guy and I aspire to reach as close as possible,” he asserts.   

That first experience and the journey ahead

The story of his first unforgettable acting experience dates back to 2017. It was during then that he got an opportunity to do a short film through a friend – ‘Kalee aite ee nijam’. Based on the feedback, that’s when he realized that this is the place for him. However, he started pursuing it much later due to a few unavoidable situations. 

‘Kalee aite ee nijam

Still, continuing that journey, he has 4 movies and 3 web series by far (upcoming) in his bag. “Each role was a whole different experience and I would rate them equally,” he says. He also promises that he has been focused and remained consistent throughout. In addition to these, he shares that working out caught his attention these days. 

Speaking about his passion for the craft, “It was mere passion and personal interest that motivated me to take up this beautiful road.” He feels he is also maybe destined to end up at this point in life and that it was not all planning. 

The most difficult challenge

Abhilash notes that it’s not always about ups and downs. His biggest challenge was the day he chose to leave his job and started focusing completely on the budding acting career. In this path, he did receive many appreciative comments. He may not have won any awards, but would love to receive a few, he agrees with a chuckle. 

“For now my main focus is completely on acting and I’m learning, building myself in different ways to be a natural actor,” he shares. If not this, he honestly says he would like to be a Businessman, as his personality and attitude are more suitable to be one.  

Current and upcoming projects

Here is a list of his upcoming projects. 

  • Love you too – Web film 
  • Frustrated love – Web series 
  • The Other half – Web film 
  • Panchatantra Kathalu- web series 
  • Basmakara – Web/feature film 
  • Y – Junction – Web/Feature film

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