Aditya Kumar Pani (Liger), an inspiration now and for future actors

Aditya Kumar Pani

Aditya Kumar Pani has a story that would inspire many. He is a perfect example of how you can change yourself and your circumstances with hard work and discipline. He wasn’t always this chiseled actor. He had faced hurdles and overcame them using self introspection as well as discipline. He has a few projects in his bag so far, but his next release promises to catapult him to greater recognition. Liger, a Pan India movie, is highly talked about. The film starring Vijay Deverakonda is an interesting addition to his plate. Let us learn what makes Aditya tick.

Studies are the first step to anywhere

Aditya Kumar Pani, born to Dilip Kumar Pani and Asha Lata Pani, took his first breath on 26th September 1993 in Talcher, Odisha. While his father is a Govt. Employee, and his mother is also a working woman.

aditya kumar
aditya's mom

Consequently, his upbringing was very good as a child. Ever since he remembers, the primary focus was on education. He explains that a good education is one of the strongest pillars of a child’s career and his/her life path. Hence, his parents always helped him shine in his studies. 

He has an elder sister who is a Software Engineer. He shares that she is a friend to him. “She is a very good friend of mine and always guides and inspires me to pursue my passion.”

A wish for the future

His parents and sister always contributed a lot towards his growth. When Aditya received the topper of the school batch award in his school, his parents received that. That day he felt very overwhelmed. The incident also contributed to his self confidence. It made him feel that all his hard work paid off. “Some day when I win the best actor award, that day I would like my parents to receive it,” he says looking ahead. 

Talking about his encouraging family, he says that family is your support. He is full of gratitude towards his wonderful family, adding that his sister always supports and guides him no matter what . “She is the best sister ever,” he gushes. 

A sound qualification

Aditya is a graduate in electrical and electronic engineering. He did his schooling from Talcher, Odisha, then completed his graduation from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. He strongly considers education to be important. He feels it makes you more confident about yourselves. “You set a bar for yourself and it always matters,” he philosophies. Having been blessed with good teachers in life, he reminisces that his teachers always inspired him to follow his passion and to give 100% to work.

In addition to regular studies, Aditya has also completed a diploma in acting and is a trained martial artist and gymnast. However, considering having such feathers in his cap, he shares that the skill that is most necessary for the Film Industry is honesty. “Be honest, do the thing correctly, be punctual and be the producer’s actor. Finish your job on time,” he asserts. 

Determination from sorrow

This is where one tends to sit up and take notice of an otherwise good kid. Aditya reveals that he was bullied in school by his mates for obesity. And yet, he turned what could’ve been a sorrow filled past into something that fueled him. He pushed himself very hard to achieve an amazing physique. “Since the last 7 years I have had six pack abs,” he says proudly with a laugh.

He shares that thanks to his mates and especially those who pushed him to the ultimate level, he broke into pieces and then reinvented himself. Later, during college, he won the best actor award . “That’s always special for me,” he says excitedly. 

Depression and self introspection

Still, for Aditya life kept throwing challenges. When he lost 2 film offers as a lead, he went into a deep shock and depression. But he keeps thinking positively, saying that it is life and things go on. During this time he watched more spiritual videos and read the GITA. “It made my thoughts clear and I started to move forward again,” he notes.

He also gives us a glimpse into the struggles he faced in the industry. “The bigger the aim, the bigger the struggle. Struggle makes you better and it’s necessary. I faced many struggles but it’s my best teacher though,” he states. 

With God being his first direction of strength, Aditya has another treasured role model, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He inspires him a lot. “His whole life was for mankind and India. His vision and hardwork and simplicity is just commendable,” he notes. The actor wishes that he could take such good things from him. 

“For Dr. Kalam – Sir, your vision was so simple and high. I wish I could make my life simple and high.”

From first chances till now

Aditya got his first chance in a TV show named Sankat Mochan Hanuman. It was a Hindi mythology show, which he landed through an audition. After the shoot, when he watched himself for the first time on tv it was awesome. Simply unforgettable. 

From those days until now, his path has been that of discipline, belief in God and in oneself. Liger is his debut movie. He praises his working experience with Puri Jagannadh sir and with Vijay Deverakonda as awesome. Many more projects are now lined up for the future.

Aditya Kumar Pani

For Aditya kumar, it’s his passion to do work and to act with an amazing director. He never actually planned to come to this point but he says he likes surprises in life. “Getting a part and losing is part of life. Just be patient and work on yourself, that’s it.” he assures.

A creative mind

Aditya Kumar is not just an actor. He plays other roles in life, which are his hobbies. He enjoys writing and loves cooking. He has 2 books ready to be published and someday he plans to open a very good restaurant. If not for films, he would have ended up in Social services or Politics.

Upcoming Projects

Currently Liger starring Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Pandey is set for release. Aditya also has a few unannounced projects in Telugu and Hindi. 

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