From Watching to Crafting Dreams, Anirudh Pavithran

Welcome back to another day of the Untold Story. Today we will introduce you all to a rising star of the film industry named Anirudh Pavithran, an actor and writer.

Anirudh Pavithran

Anirudh Pavithran was born in Aluva, Kerala, to Mr. Pavithran KP and Sobha Pavithran. He was a very lovable child, known for his lovable nature. His father, Mr. Pavithran KP, worked as the Regional Manager of the General Insurance Company Government of India and is now retired. His mother, Shobha, is a head nurse; she also won the prestigious award for saving the life of the baby. His mother gives him strength when he feels low.

Anirudh has one elder brother named Arjun, who has always been with him when Anirudh needs him. His brother Arjun is married to Aparna, and Anirudh is very close to his sister-in-law, who is like a friend of his.

Personal Life

Anirudh is married to his lovely wife, Anushka. She works at a leading marketing agency in Hyderabad.

Anirudh Pavithran Married to Anushka

“She’s been a blessing in every aspect, and lady luck seems to be working.” He shared.


His hobbies are singing and playing the guitar. Lately, he has been dedicating most of his time to learning about cinema and its various crafts.


Anirudh Pavithran grew up in Maharashtra, Nashik, Mumbai, and Pune. He completed his schooling at St. Xavier’s and Kendriya Vidyalaya ISP Maharashtra. Later, he went on to pursue his degree from SSSIHL Puttaparthi College. He also completed a diploma in acting, in Mumbai. After going to college, the place changed his life entirely as he got exposure and met many new people. He has grown spiritually, emotionally, and physically since then.

Additionally, he was the athletic champion at his college for over two consecutive years. 

Childhood Stories…….

Anirudh Pavithran shared some glimpses about his parents. His father was fond of movies; he loved to watch films, and there was a point where he and his father lied to his mother and went to watch movies. Later on, when he grew up, his father introduced him to Tamil films. Anirudh watched a movie named Moondrampirai that touched him very much at that time. He shared that his father sowed the seed of movies in him, and now he is waiting for the day to direct the movie and take his father to watch the film that he has directed.

Some Interesting Stories

Are you a backbencher? If yes, then you might relate to this memory of Anirudh’s childhood that he has shared: he has always been a backbencher because he was weak in mathematics. However, he excelled in extracurricular activities like dancing, acting, singing, and performing on stage. Not all children are good at studies, but they are good at other things, which is called talent.

Anirudh shared a story of his school time. As a below-average student, when he started his schooling, he couldn’t color an apple without spilling it out of the border, and he overheard the talking of his teacher, “This boy is such a pain, and I don’t want him in my section because I have all the bright students in the class.” Even though he wasn’t allowed to participate in any events at the school because he was below average, One day, he badly wanted to participate in a function, but his teacher told him that it was already full. Anirudh even insisted that he would be a girl but wanted to perform on the stage, and he went home and took his friend’s sister’s dress to perform.

Anirudh Pavithran played a girl role

And everything started from there. We all have one phase in life where things start turning in other directions. And that was the start of Anirudh’s dreams.

Most of us have similar hobbies, such as singing, music, and dancing. Anirudh has the hobbies of singing, dancing, and playing guitar, which he enjoys, and he turned his hobbies into his passion. Well, apart from these, Anirudh was a VJ in Sun Network and he did live shows on TV.

Film Career

Let’s put a spotlight on his film career. At the start, Anirudh used to work as a junior artist in a Malayalam film for the first time. The movie was directed by his friend’s relative, who later called him for a role. But things took a turn when he got to know that there was no role in the movie, but he was a junior artist for a day.

By this time, he had his first short film, and his first experience with the camera was really good. Anirudh was pretty bad in the short film. He learned what not to do and that was a very important lesson. However, most of us have a fear of the camera at first, but Anirudh’s experience was amazing.

Well, if we talk about his work to date and experiences, he played a small role as the character Yedhu in the Telugu movie Satyabhama, but later he got some scenes in the same movie.

Anirudh Pavithran with Kajal Agarwal

While working in the movie, he learned that the type of role doesn’t matter, whether it is short or big, or that the lead role, which matters, is about being honest and putting your best into it; only then can you be the best actor.

Anirudh Pavithran shared one thing about a successful career: “The smaller the gap between an idea and its manifestation into reality, the greater the success. On a personal note, success is being healthy and at peace. See your parents happy, and you give them the best life you can,“ he said.

When discussing his work in the Tollywood industry, it holds a special place for him because it was a time when he quit as a VJ at Sun Network.

Anirudh Pavithran as VJ in Sun Network

Nothing seemed to work out in Mumbai or Kochi, as he also attempted to enter the Marathi film industry. At this point, he received a call from his college senior for a Telugu project, which ultimately became his first project in Tollywood. Tollywood chose him when others did not; he remains ever grateful to this land and its people.

Life is a Challenge.

Life is all about struggles, the ups and downs, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, demotivated, or motivated, but you have to overcome the obstacles to achieve your goals, get your dreams fulfilled because you have only one life, and make it a better way of living. There is no path without struggles; this is an essential part of life for gaining life-long lessons. Struggles are important to learn a valuable lesson about the importance of achieving goals.

One day, he asked his father about the struggle, and his father told him, Don’t romanticize your struggle when you are speaking to people. So Anirudh chose to just say, “Ye ishq nahi aasan, ek aag ka dariya aur doob ke jana hai.” He calls it hustle not struggle. You must walk on the path of thorns and dive into the water to achieve your goals. Not everyone is born with a bed of roses.

The Projects

He did several movies, including Satyabhama, Vyooham, Modern Love Hyderabad, and Parampara.

Anirudh Pavithran in Vyooham
Anirudh Pavithran in Modern Love Hyderabad
Anirudh Pavithran in Parampara

The movies Vyooham and Modern Love Hyderabad are available on Amazon Prime, and the Parampara movie is available on Hotstar.

Modern Love Hyderabad

He also did his Malayalam movies, including Varthamanam, Kochaal, and Eelam.

Anirudh Pavithran, Varthamanam

Anirudh portrayed a double role one as SHOHDA and one as FAKEER in the play AGRA BAZAR. During the play, he collected Rs. 13 that day by rehearsing the song near the pan shop.

Moreover, at the time of the shooting, Anirudh dressed up as a fakeer with his friend, they were rehearsing outside the compound gate. One person came and threw a coin in the bag (jhola), and Anirudh was offended that day. Today when he looks back at that incident it reminds him how madly stupidly he is in love with cinema and acting.


Anirudh is working on a movie, which is yet to be titled. And he would love to work behind the camera. Also, he is waiting for some challenging projects. Furthermore, he is looking forward to working with the director, Yakub Ali, the VELLIPOMAKE movie director, and waiting to go on the floor soon.

At last, he would like to thank some people who helped him when he first came to Hyderabad, which was crucial for his journey. Firstly, Suresh Pula, a senior alumnus of his college. He was the first one who called him to Hyderabad for a web series. Secondly, Mahati Bhikshu, an actor and one of his first friends in Hyderabad. She helped him reach the right people. And lastly, his friend Indeever. His parents were guardians for him in Hyderabad. 

Anirudh Pavithran is an actor and writer who started his career in Malayalam and Telugu films. He has worked on numerous movies to date. This article will delve into his life struggles and his philosophies. Anirudh’s life challenges and experiences continue to serve as a source of inspiration for millions of people.