Director Gopinath Reddy (Sammathame), a new talent on the horizon

Gopinath Reddy

Gopinath Reddy is a hitherto untapped talent in the Telugu Film Industry. This director is rearing to show the audience his stories. With the release of his directorial venture ‘Sammathame‘ fast approaching, he plans to establish himself in the creative world of Cinema. Let us briefly find out a little bit about himself and his auspicious beginnings. 

A humble family

Gopinath Reddy was born to parents Kankanala Venkat Reddy and Kankanala Praveena. They have dedicated their lives to the occupation of farming. He was born on 1st May 1994 in the district of Nalgonda in Telangana state. 

gopinath reddy

His upbringing was quite humble with many precious memories. One of them had stuck with him forever. He delightfully reveals that his parents gave him a glass of milk with Parle G biscuits every morning.

Gopinath has a younger sister who is his support system in all aspects.

Education with no holds barred

Gopinath had studied in Sri Chaitanya techno school, where some of his schooling years were spent in hostel. Intermediate was completed from NRI junior college and Degree from St Mary’s. He further scored an MBA from Sree Indhu PG college.

He feels his teachers had a little impact on him. One of the teachers in his 10th standard made an unforgettable statement saying, “You either require Interest or necessity to do any work.” Taken to heart, he quickly realized that his interest was, is and will be Cinema.

This dedication was observed even during class. He humorously reveals that he would narrate the story of a film he had watched to the whole class by shifting places when the class was still in session.

His most important confidantes are his UG team. He shares that Sagarika Madabushi and CS. Sowmya will always continue to be by his side through any event.

Training and skills

Gopinath Reddy has trained in direction from Annapurna film school. 

Besides training, he places a lot of importance on communication (particularly in Telugu) as a necessary skill in the Telugu Film Industry. 

He has, until now, directed a few short films. Though no specific events contributed to the road ahead, he feels his short films and the work he put into them during that process helped him move ahead. The process also helped him learn a lot. 

Movies, the only focus

Proving his dedication once again, he says watching movies and only watching movies is his hobby. 

In a tough place like this industry, struggles are common. He hadn’t actually faced such struggles until this year. Before the project started, there were no hitches, but now that it’s rolling, he began facing many while making a film. As his career is still taking off, there are no large upheavels.

The biggest inspiration for this upcoming movie is Gopinath’s father. He assures, “watch my next film for more details.”

Cinema takes such a special place in his heart that he couldn’t bear the idea of not being part of it. It gave him sleepless nights. So, to have sound sleep, he shares that he had to opt for this role in life. With that the focus, Gopinath made a ‘proper plan’ to make his dreams come true.

A heart touching first chance

When the story for Sammathame was completed, Gopinath Reddy was worried about searching for a producer. His mom observed that and asked him the reason for his tense state. With understanding, she told him that she’s going to produce the film with utmost confidence in him. “That’s how I got my first chance,” he says. 

Work so far

Gopinath Reddy had started off with short films and has been working on the implementation of his current project since the past 2 years. “Every work I have done so far is the best according to the knowledge I have at that point,” he says. He also considers that he has learnt a lot on this journey.

gopinath reddy

In his path towards success in his career he has just one philosophy, that is to ‘treat all humans as Humans.’

On his current projects, he conveys that It’s Sammathame. He also has multiple stories in mind and is taking a wait and watch approach towards their implementation. 

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  1. Very dedicated to indian cinema hope he will be the next big thing in TFI looking forward to sammathame through his classic story telling.

  2. Praveenraj_dabbi

    #Annaya ki inka chala opurtunities ravali and should lead his success with a big heart and smile 😘😊
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