KIREETI Damaraju: A journey of an Engineer to becoming an Actor

Kireeti Damaraju

From an engineering background to the silver screen, KIREETI Damaraju’s journey is a testament to pursuing one’s passion against all odds. Let us delve into the story of this talented actor who has won hearts both on screen and off.

Hello to all movie enthusiasts! Today in this article, we will talk about a prominent personality KIREETI Damaraju, an Indian Telugu film Actor who played many vital roles in various movies, which we will discuss later in this article. Let me tell you this, he was also a contestant on the hit reality TV show Bigg Boss 2.

Early Life and Education

KIREETI Damaraju was born in Guntur, into an Orthodox, Brahmin, Traditional, Telugu Indian family, his parents Mr. Virinchi Damaraju, and Mrs. Rajeshwari Damaraju. However, he grew up in Hyderabad, among a joint family of grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and kids. His household has family members who are bankers, engineers, and professors and no one was from the Media or Art Industry which eventually led him to follow the route of pursuing B. Tech from MVSR Engineering College in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and settled in a good company. 

Transition of an Engineer to an Actor:

Despite his successful career in Engineering, KIREETI Damaraju has a passion for acting. Before getting into the industry, he was working at one of the top IT companies. But he took the chance and took the risk of doing the movies.

Kireeti Damaraju

To walk on this path, we need courage and strength and he showed both by his perseverance and not giving up attitude, towards his passion. In this process of exploring his passion, he learned acting in Pondicherry, Adishakti along with his job. He also did theater in Bangalore & Hyderabad.

Struggles and Challenges

KIREETI shared one memory with us, there was a time when he used to do theaters on the weekends in Bangalore along with his software job during the weekdays. The weekends always went to pursue his passion for acting, and he started doing his short movies and feature films. Well, pursuing two things at a time might be difficult, but it is not impossible if you have dedication to your passion.

Kireeti also did the same things, he worked hard to pursue both things and used to fly to Hyderabad when he had the shoot and then again fly to Bangalore for the job. Since then, he has been working as a software engineer and pursuing his passion for acting simultaneously for a decade. As a human being, we have at least one person in our life whom we take inspiration from. Kireeti draws inspiration from Irfan Khan, KK Menon, and the most versatile actor Konidela Chiranjeevi.

Professional Career

He constantly evolved himself through various roles in his professional career in the IT Industry. He started his career from a Startup as a Project Engineer to working in Gaming Industry at EA Games to being a Quality Assurance Engineer at Indecomm Technologies to evolve himself into a User Experience Researcher and Strategist at Sony India, and later moved to HCL Technologies, where he worked as a Lead Designer. 

Kireeti Damaraju

He also has international exposure related to work in Japan and the USA.  He also learned the first level of Japanese language when he worked there. Additionally, he is also a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) from Human Factors International.

Furthermore, adding to his career, he is also a brand ambassador of Indysutra, which is a costume apparel that focuses on sustainable fashion. He campaigned for the Anaadi Foundation, especially for Gurukulam which is a new form of education for kids that will teach our culture and our Indian roots.

He made sure that his professional career in IT will not be affected by his passion towards movies. He used to dedicate and plan his weekdays and weekends and balance smartly both his professions. There were times when he used to work from his shoot location in between the shots so that he would meet his work deadlines, he was so dedicated and committed towards his professions. 

Let us talk about his movies, Kireeti’s first short film was Ontiganta and his second short film was Anukokunda, which was selected for the Cannes Film Festival. He played vital roles in some popular movies including, the famous DJ Tillu, Tillu Square, Zombie Reddy, Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi, Uyyala Jampala, Yevade Subramanyam, Bham Bolenath, Pushpaka Vimanam, Taxiwala, Pelli Sandadi and Dhamaka. Over the years, he has worked in over 65 films, web series, TV shows, and OTT content.

Current Projects

Currently, Kireeti’s new web series, “Sashi Madanam,” will stream from July 4th on the ETV Win App. His upcoming Telugu/Tamil bilingual feature film, “ELEVEN,” is also set for release soon. He has several exciting projects in the pipeline, including a few OTT web shows and web films in Disney Plus Hot star as well as collaborations with Sree Vishnu’s “Swag” and “Shivam Bhaje” with Arbaaz Khan.

Kireeti Damaraju’s journey from a software engineer to a prominent actor is inspiring. His dedication and versatility continue to shine through his diverse roles and upcoming projects. We eagerly await what this talented actor will bring to the screen next.