A Story of Success and Achieving Dreams: Kishore Kumar Polimera

Hello to all cinematic lovers in town! Today we will introduce a prominent personality named Kishore Kumar Polimera.

Kishore Kumar Polimera

Kishore was born on September 12th in Vizag, Kancharapalem, to Mr. Ramana Polimera and Mrs. Mangathalli. He comes from a very simple and humble family with no background in film. His father works in the private sector, while his mother is a homemaker. He has one beautiful and adorable older sister. Being the youngest child in the family, he received lots of love. Kishore completed his schooling at the MCHS Government School and his intermediate school at BVK College. He then pursued his degree of Bachelor in Commerce from Sri Gowri College.

Since childhood, Kishore has been a very lovable and very naughty kid. Since the start, he has always had an interest in arts. Well, he shared one childhood memory when he injured his leg during his school time while playing cricket with a flank and a plastic ball.

He had a beautiful love story in college, and later he got married to his girlfriend. The couple has a son now. 

The Cultural Interest and Captivating Stories…

Have you ever thought of becoming a magician? Maybe yes, maybe not, but you know, Kishore has this fascinating hobby of doing magic tricks, which he learned during his college years and tried on his friends and colleagues. So we can say that he is a magician. This is something interesting we have come across. Additionally, his talent does not stop there. He has a strong passion for playing drums, singing, and writing folk songs, making him a captivating personality.

His cultural career started with dance. He became a good and skilled lead dancer, folk singer, and theatre artist. As a child artist, he participated in an international theatre competition.

Kishore Kumar Polimera

Ever since he was a kid, he had a strong interest and passion for the arts, and he was crazy about it. His father supported him at every step of his artistic passion. 

Apart from his education and interesting hobbies, he entered the film industry when he got an opportunity from the director Venkatesh Maha, and he became Kishore’s mentor as well. The director, Venkatesh Maha, wanted to make a movie in Kancharapalem, the area where Kishore was born. Venkatesh was looking for an artist at that time, and Kishore’s friend Murthy introduced him to Venkatesh Maha, which led Kishore to venture into the film industry. Later on, he gained significant fame for his debut movie. He was very happy when he appeared on screen for the first time and faced the camera, he was very confident to have gained experience from theatrical dramas and shows during his college years.

Furthermore, he draws inspiration from veteran actors Chiranjeevi and Kamal Hasan


Kishore received the prestigious Best Actor Award at the Boston International Film Festival.

List of Movies

The list of movies that he has done to date is: from the amazing performances in Kancharapalem, Kanabadutaledhu, C/O Kathal Tamil, Tuck Jagdeesh, Mission Impossible was beyond, Bhama Kalapam, KotaBommali PS, Yaatra 2, Aadhikeaava, Chorbajar, Razaakar, RGVs Dhahanam, to Tiger Nageswara Rao, and many more.

Upcoming Projects

His upcoming projects are Game Changer. Looking ahead, he mentioned some of the projects, including Comity Kurrallu, Bachalamalli, and the Vijay Deverakonda film project. He is also doing a Tamil movie.

The journey of Kishore Kumar Polimera is a testament to perseverance. He has emerged as a brilliant artist, from hobbies to dreams. Kishore’s entry into the film industry was marked by his endless determination, dedication, and hard work. He has given award-winning performances, which reflect his bright future in the entertainment world. Kishore’s story continues to inspire other young people and artists to achieve their goals.