A Cinematic Journey of Kodati Pavan Kalyan

Kodati Pavan Kalyan

Welcome back to the page of Untold Story, where you will learn about the stories that are untold. Today, in this article, we are going to meet another personality who has won hearts. This is none other than Kodati Pavan Kalyan. 

Pavan Kalyan was landed on Earth on January 16, 1995, in Vishakhapatnam to Mr. Kodati Srinivasa Rao and Kodati Varalaxmi Devi. He was born into a simple and very humble family of four. His father is a SCM Manager at Mahindra and Mahindra, an automobile company. Whereas his mother worked as an accountant at Mahindra Academy and is now retired. He has a very loveable sister; both have a strong bond and have each other’s back. She completed her graduation in fashion design from NIFT Hyderabad and later, she worked for the Rowdy clothing brand of the famous actor Vijay Deverakonda. Now, she is pursuing her master’s in fashion management from the UK.

Education and Childhood

Let’s shine a spotlight on Pavan Kalyan’s childhood. His entire childhood was spent in Zaheerabad, which is hardly 90 kilometres from Hyderabad. His mother used to work as an accountant, where he studied, which was one of the assets of Mahindra, named Mahindra Academy. Pavan was a top student at the school and highly active in extracurricular activities. He was too interested in Hockey, which is his favorite game. He completed his matriculation and intermediate from SriChaitanya in Ameenpur, Hyderabad. Then he decided to pursue his engineering career. Pavan took admission in the B.Tech. in Mining Engineering program at NIT Rourkela, Odisha. 

As we mentioned, he was into extracurricular activities; during his college years, he was part of 13 student activity clubs. He also won the student elections and was very active in dance competitions in college.

Kodati Pavan Kalyan Hip Hop Dance

His dance group name was Synergy, which was the runner-up in the Indian Hip-Hop Dance Championship in 2016. Their dance group was selected to represent India in the World Hip-Hop Dance Championship in Las Vegas, which was a very proud moment. But unfortunately, they couldn’t attend because of the lack of sponsorship.

He has many interesting and good hobbies, such as photography, capturing nature through the lens, dancing, travelling to different places to refresh his mind, and reading books to gain knowledge. Additionally, he loves to invest in the stock market as well.

Additionally, he is married to Naimisha Appam, who is an ayurvedic doctor, bringing light and happiness to his life. She is a guiding force in every aspect of his life.

Industry Career

Well, when he started his career in industry, he was a part of the production house named Chaibisket. He had to travel a lot for his previous job and used to take tons of videos and make travel videos, which he sent to the production house, Chaibisket, who hired him. Throughout his time at the production house, Pavan learned everything. However, if you want to reach the goal, there is no path without struggles. Twenty different production companies and editors rejected him because he had no prior movie experience, but he did have experience with web series, documentaries, sketches, and short films. 

He shared one memory, that one day, Garry BH asked him to be an assistant editor for College Kumar and after seeing his work, dedication, and contributions, he shared the credits with him on-screen. Then, he joined as an online editor for the famous movie Major and later got promoted as an editor for the movie. Pavan’s struggle and sleepless nights for months turned dreams into reality. He wished to at least work on a single film, but God had other plans in mind and he felt that he put him in a place that he deserved. Pavan said that life is a roller coaster. Every experience counts and he has learned a lot in his downfall, to the point where he thought to himself, “You only have one way: up, rise above this.”

Inspiration for Achieving Goals…

Pavan Kalyan draws inspiration from Sreekar Prasad and says, “He wants to break his record for the National Awards in movie editing.”. Upon asking about the on-screen fear, Pavan shared that he was a part of the drama club as well during his college time so he had experience in theatrical drama and used to do a lot of plays and dance performances in college. So he had no fear of the on-screen camera; he was very comfortable. 

A life-time Experience

He has worked on over 10 movies, including College Kumar, Color Photo, Heads and Tales, Major, Mukhachitram, Writer Padmabhushan, Anger Tales, Satyabhama, Junior (Punjabi film), Prabutva Junior Kalasala, and Premalo. 

Kodati Pavan Kalyan Color Photo

He shared one incident when his uncle asked him about his job, and he answered, I am an editor. ” He further added, “His uncle asked “for which newspaper” and laughed hard because he wanted to put me down. Even my closest friends belittled me about my choice to enter the film industry. I challenged them that you will see my name on screen in theatres in 3 years and tell the person sitting beside you, “I know this guy.” 

Kodati Pavan Kalyan and Adavisesh

That happened in two and a half years. The uncle who belittled me called me up and asked, “My son wants to enter the film industry; can you guide him or recommend him with good teams and good projects?” I think that is what success means: manifesting a dream and turning a vision into reality.” He added. 

Achievements and Awards

Pavan edited the film “Colour Photo”, which was awarded the National film award for Best Regional film Telugu.

Current Projects

Kodati Pavan Kalyan Goodachari2

Numerous projects are currently in development, including Goodachari 2, Dacoit, Aay, Janaka Aithe Ganaka, Cable Reddy, and Ananatham. Goodachari 2, for instance, is an action thriller that continues the mission of a spy fighting for his nation outside of India.

Let’s dive into the inspiring journey of Kodati Pavan Kalyan, a talented personality from Visakhapatnam. From a simple background to achieving national awards, Pavan’s story is one of perseverance, hard work, and turning dreams into reality. Learn about his education, career struggles, notable works, and current projects in this inspiring story.