Koushik Mekala: From Struggles to Success

Hello to all the movie lovers out there. Let me introduce you all to the famous personality, Koushik Mekala.

Koushik Mekala

He was born on December 15 in Hyderabad to Mr. Karunakar Reddy and Mrs. Shailaja Reddy. His father is a central government employee and his mother is a homemaker. He grew up in a nuclear family with a cute little sister. 

Early Life and Education

He shared that he has always been a backbencher, a naughty child, and got the 27th rank in the class. He attempted to change the marks and rank on his report card because he was too afraid of being caught and having to show his parents the report. In our childhood, we used to play various games and make noises all the time, especially when playing cricket and hide and seek. Koushik also used to play gully cricket and break glasses in his colony while playing. He was into sports and played hockey for the nationals two times. He represented Hyderabad in the ninth and tenth grades of school.

Furthermore, he attended St. Joseph Public School until the fifth grade, after which he attended Kendriya Vidyalaya, Uppal, from the sixth to the tenth grade. After that, Koushik finished his intermediate studies at Narayana Junior College, Tarnaka. He pursued his graduation in ECE from Anurag University and his master’s diploma in PGDBM from NMIMS. In addition, he enrolled in an acting course at Ramanaidu Film School, an acting school.

Despite his athletic background, he enjoys watching movies and exercising to stay fit. He also has a crush on celebrity Seo Ye Ji, who stars in the film “It is Okay to Not Be Okay.”

Alongside his academics, he received training in various defence, including swords, sticks, and nunchaku. His skills were honed in the art of combat.

Tough times, struggle for happiness

Well, obstacles must be overcome before one can shine. When Koushik began his acting career, he had no prior experience. So he enrolled in acting school, where he learned everything about acting from his master, Satyam Yabi Garu. During training, he gave numerous auditions but never received a call; instead, they would promise to get back to him, which never happened.

A famous phrase is there: Practice makes a man perfect. This phrase works in his case. Attending auditions helped him develop his skills and improve his performance. But this phase was so difficult for him, as he faced a lot of humiliation and rejections. However, he soon understood that it was merely a process that would require patience and enjoyment in order to reach the goal. Things will work out eventually; all he has to do is keep moving forward without stopping. It all led to him going from no films to making films as a lead actor. Overall, if a person is tired, they should restart rather than quit. Try doing it again and again but do not give up on your dreams if you want to achieve them. All of your difficulties will be forgotten once you have achieved your goals by living your dreams. It is just a phase of time that will pass; all we have to do is be patient and do not give up.

I have no doubt that each of you has some source of inspiration that has motivated you to pursue whatever endeavor in your career. Koushik draws inspiration from his father, who has faced numerous challenges in his life. Everyone has ups and downs in their personal life and career, but as an actor, ups and downs are very common and he tries to enjoy every phase of his career. It completely depends on mental strength about how we can handle different situations.


Well, everyone at least gets one chance in their lives. Koushik also received his first chance when he got referred by casting director Sadaa Valee, who referred his profile to the filmmaker GV Rama Raju. Mr. Ramaraju gave him the opportunity to work in the movie he was making, Priyuraalu. This experience was extraordinary to work with him and he learned a lot from him.

He felt nervous the first time while on camera, and he struggled to deliver the dialogue but his coworkers were very cooperative and he felt very comfortable.

Koushik Mekala SIT

He has worked on many projects to date, such as Priyuraalu (Sonyliv), Mudo Kannu (released in theaters), SIT (ZEE5), Viral Video, which is yet to release, and Bigboss Season 7 Advertisement. He has also played character roles in a few movies.

Current Projects

Currently, he is working under the direction of Mr. GV Ramaraju (oka manasu, mallelatheeram lo sirimalle puvvu and Priyuraalu) on another film as a lead character, which is yet to be titled.

Upcoming Projects

Recently signed two films that are going to start production in August. 

With the inspiring story of Koushik Mekala, he is continues to navigate the ups and downs of an acting career with unwavering determination. With exciting projects ahead, his journey from a playful backbencher to a promising actor is a testament to his hard work and dedication.