Malavika Satheesan (Bommala Koluvu, BFH), a happy surprise package to the Industry

Malavika Satheesan

Malavika Satheesan is not new to public adoration. She takes opportunities by the horns and makes it work. Her first major foray into the public eye was the Miss India Kerala pageant, where she was a finalist. With a pretty image and confident attitude, she took steady strides into the Film Industry.

Adulation is something she is waiting for with immense patience while never losing her stride forward. Her soon to be released Telugu films hold much promise. Malavika may be young, but that is not all she is. Read on to find out more about this latest surprise addition to the Telugu Film Industry.

A fun, interesting childhood

Malavika Satheesan was born in Kerala on 28/03/2001 to parents Lt Col Satheesan and Rekha Satheesan. Her father is an army officer, while her mother is a teacher.

Malavika Satheesan

She terms her childhood an amazing time with regular travels featured in it. The family kept moving from one place to another across the country owing to her Father’s Army profession. Changing places every 2 years and making new friends along the way, including Hyderabad, was ‘super fun’ for this exciting girl. 

Malavika’s family also includes a younger brother who is in his 10th class. According to her, their relationship is just like Tom and Jerry. Like typical siblings, “we keep fighting but can’t live without each other.” It was her family who stood by her through thick and thin. Additionally, she shares a long time bond with one close friend. 

Many feathers in her smart cap

Malavika has completed her schooling through many Army schools across India. She is currently doing her final year triple graduation in public administration, psychology and economics. 

She acted in her first film during 10th class and her teachers were supportive throughout. 

Her first year of college was an unforgettable time as she remembers a special event. “I was in my 2nd term and I went to my own college as the chief guest for my movie promotion. It was such a funny and surprising, yet proud moment,” she shares.

Skills and training for the journey ahead

As far as professional training goes, Malavika is a state level badminton player and has represented her college as well as her school. The budding actress believes that the one skill in life which works in the industry is acting. Though not formally trained, she zestfully plans to keep improving her skill with each new project.  

Her hobbies include dancing and playing sports, which she is actively pursuing.

First steps into the Industry

Malavika honestly agrees that she hasn’t faced much struggle so far in her acting journey. “I never had any clue that I’ll go into movies, it just came by magic,” she reveals. She further elaborates that it was a bit tricky at first as she was a total outsider.

However, she had the pleasure of working with great teams. Along with her mother being by her side always, this journey has been wonderful. “But that doesn’t make me take things for granted! I always put in my 110% into whatever I do,” she says with conviction.

Self motivated go-getter

Malavika considers her biggest role models as her mom, dad and especially herself. She feels that parents are always those people from whom u get inspired a lot. In addition to that, “you yourself have to be your role model in life. I think that’s super important,” she notes. For the actress, one needs to keep working very hard and always better themselves.

Story of the first movie offer

When Malavika turned 16, she received a text on Instagram on her birthday. She didn’t take it seriously at first as many people have the habit of direct messaging on the social media app. But then, in a lighter moment, she and her friend decided to reply to that text, which she did.

“Ultimately my first director Sarat palanki sir sent me the whole story and that’s when I realized that okay this is serious,” she shares. What came next is swift. Her father then spoke to him and everything got arranged within 3 days. Soon, she and her mom arrived in Vizag for her very first shoot.

Malavika has worked in 4 movies as of now. She can’t really put her finger on which one was her best work. She feels that with each film she learns new new things and promises to keep improving herself and keep growing. 

The opportunity that was too good to ignore

In an honest revelation, Malavika agrees that she did not plan on coming to the Film Industry at all. “It might sound funny but I had zero clue as to how to get into movies. It just happened,” she says. “And as we say, when opportunities knock at your door, you should grab them! Never know where it might lead you,” she quips. And the same thing happened with her. 

If not movies, the only other profession she would be in is the Defence Forces. She would’ve loved to be an army officer, just like her dad.

Upcoming projects

Malavika has several upcoming projects. One is BFH (Boyfriend for hire) and the other is Bommala koluvu

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