From Dreams to Reality: Nirupa Patel

Nirupa Patel Producer

Today, we have a story about an inspiring individual who has touched the hearts of millions. Allow me to introduce you to Nirupa Patel, who was born on April 16, 1983, in Chegunta, Medak District, Telangana. Nirupa comes from a loving Gujarati family, being the daughter of Mr. Babulal Patel and Mrs. Kanchan Ben. Her father is a successful businessman, owning a sweet shop in Chegunta. Her mother is a dedicated homemaker and loves to take care of her children. Nirupa is the youngest in her family, with three elder sisters. Growing up in Chegunta, she was surrounded by love and support from her established family.


Nirupa’s educational journey began at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in Medak, where she completed her primary schooling. She then went on to complete her matriculation at Deepti Vidyalam in Chegunta. After excelling in her early education, Nirupa pursued a bachelor’s degree B.A in psychology at Rashtriya Vishwa Vidyapeeth in Mumbai.

Interests and Hobbies

Outside of her academic pursuits, Nirupa not only displayed a strong passion for learning but also a deep sense of responsibility and work ethic. She actively supported her father in their family business after school, where she learned business skills and values. Her father’s mentorship instilled in her a deep understanding of customer care, the value of money, discipline, and loyalty, shaping her into a well-rounded individual with a keen sense of business understanding. Additionally, Nirupa’s interests extended beyond academia and business, as she developed a fondness for cars and actively engaged in sports like badminton during her school years. 

Early Life

You must have been inspired by some source of inspiration. Nirupa Patel was inspired by Kiran Bedi, a well-known celebrity who was the first woman IPS officer in our country. She shared some memories related to her school and childhood. She shared that she grew up listening to music and watching Telugu movies. “We are the generation where we saw the start of album songs by Falguni Pathak, Sonu Nigam, Shaan, etc,” she added.

An Inspiring journey

She was very fond of music and wanted to learn and sing the songs. She also wanted to act in Telugu movies but she struggled to figure out how to make it happen or who to reach out to. After trying a lot, she managed to get the address of Annapurna Studios and decided to write a letter to Nagarjuna, her favorite actor.

Nirupa Patel and hero Nagarjuna

The thrill she felt when she received a response from Annapurna Studios, along with a photo, was beyond words!

But things took an unexpected turn in her life when she got married during her first year of college and she started thinking that she couldn’t fulfil her dreams. After her marriage,  she and her husband relocated to Uganda, East Africa, due to his work commitments. During her time there, she completed a basic computer course and started working at a four-star hotel as a computer operator for the marketing team. She was responsible for typing quotations for marketers and sending mail to the clients. Her hard work and perseverance enabled her to succeed in her new environment.

In 2003, after gaining valuable experience working for a year at the Imperial Group of Hotels in Kampala, she decided to embark on a new adventure by opening a pharmacy in the serene town of Mukono, located just 20 km away from Uganda’s bustling capital city. At the time, her husband was employed at a wholesale pharmaceutical company, and together they faced the initial challenges of running a new business. She single-handedly managed the day-to-day operations, including sales, purchases, and maintaining the accounts. After closing the shop at 6pm, She dedicated her evenings to visiting clinics and health centers to promote their services. Through perseverance and hard work, the business succeeded. By the second year, her husband had joined her, leaving his previous job to support the growing business. 

Today, their pharmacy stands as the top choice in Mukono town, supplying medicine to various clinics, pharmacies, and medical centres while also serving customers through their retail counters.

Nirupa’s journey has been full of challenges, but she never gave up. In 2008, she was overjoyed to welcome her first child. A few years later, she shifted back to India in 2012 for her daughter’s School admission.

Nirupa Patel and kids

And in 2013, she was blessed with another child. She completed her BA degree in distance learning in 2015. From 2016 to 2018, she worked as a preschool teacher, which was a wonderful experience for her. 

Nirupa Patel Yoga Training Institute

Furthermore, she also started a Yoga centre named Abhyasa yoga kendram in suncity hyderabad last year with her friend Tripura Devi who is a yoga instructor which is running successfully.

Some dreams never end…..

After facing countless struggles, in 2019, short filmmakers approached her for financial help for their short movie. This brought back memories of her childhood dreams of becoming an actress. Then she decided to start a production company with her friend, Mr. Sunish Samuel. They named their company Bluerabbit Entertainment LLP.

After that, everything changed for her! It just goes to show that dedication and passion can make dreams come true. She’ll always remember the excitement of recording the first album song with Noel Sean and Mohana Bhogaraju for her studio’s debut album, “The Delivery Boy.” It was a real turning point! The journey didn’t stop there; they went on to collaborate with amazing artists like Hemachandra, Rahul Sipligunj, the Oscar winner of RRR, and Saicharan. Hemachandra’s ‘Samayame’ features Anchor Ravi and Thanuja in a video shot in Kerala, while Rahul Sipligunj’s ‘Baby’ was filmed at Annapurna Studios.

Nirupa Patel and Rahul Sipligunj

They were also into making short films and web series. Both of them were passionate about delivering top-notch quality to their videos. The song “Bullettu Bandi” went viral and ended up being the second-most-viewed song in 2021.

Nirupa Patel and mohana bhogaraju

Actor Nagarjuna took the time to meet Nirupa Patel at his office and share his appreciation for “Bullettu Bandi. Moving forward, she is too excited about the possibility of using this experience to venture into making a movie soon.

Upcoming Projects

Furthermore, they have some exciting projects in the pipeline, and are very thrilled about one of the upcoming project albums, “Sri Rama Swara Samhita”, which is a dedicated tribute to Ayodhya Rama. It features a collection of 108 soul-stirring songs, written by Asish Pruthvi. 

This highly anticipated album is all set for release on their sub-channel ‘Sri Rama jayam’.

Meet Nirupa Patel, a woman who turned her dreams of acting into a thriving production business. Despite challenges, Nirupa’s passion for the arts never faded, bringing her childhood dreams to life. Today, her production house collaborates with renowned artists and continues to make waves in the industry, showcasing that dedication and passion can truly make dreams come true.