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We are not born only once. We are born everyday as each new day is a new dawn. We go from strength to strength, taking inspiration from those around us. Do you have a favorite celebrity? Do they inspire you to become better to achieve a new you? For your favourite celebrity and also many other interesting untold stories of celebrities in the film industry, look no further.

We take you through insightful gems from the lives of those you might have heard of but not really understood. Ultimately, the very people churning out great movies that make us forget the world for a few hours are rooted in this time and space. They have stories that may awe us and even help us. Read on for a no holds barred glimpse into the lives of those involved in the filmmaking process.

A World Of Illusion

In the world of Cinema, we are taken through many illusions. Most of our childhood memories have a film scene or song associated with them. Anything is possible in that fantastical world. But, the many artists, support staff and technicians behind the scenes are very real. As art imitates reality, so does reality change with impactful art, especially films. These people have stories that prove anything is possible in the real world too. The recipe for success is different from individual to individual, but the basic ingredients remain Passion, hard work and dedication.

Learn about this and more as you browse through the lives of those who embody our favourite films.

We Are What We Make Ourselves To Be

What is fate? Is it the best determinator of our life outcomes? Many have experienced highs and lows through life, which in turn taught them many things. One of them is the simple fact that we can think big and achieve big if we really put our mind to it. Cinema, with all it's nuts and bolts, contains many such interesting stories. Those behind the films we love so much have experiences that either relate us to them or give us new ideas. Get ready to find the beauty in the simple lives they lead.

Everyone is a star in their lives. Learn about individuals living their best lives and the journey behind.

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