Priyanka Sahajananda: Inspiring Story of a Young Celebrity Stylist


      Priyanka Sahajananda is an aspiring fashion stylist. She received Best celebrity Stylist and Designer of Hyderabad Award in 2018 and Best celebrity Stylist Telangana in the year 2019.

Priyanka Sahajananda: Inspiring Story of a Young Celebrity Stylist (Flick Companion Interview – 2)

Priyanka Sahajananda (Celebrity Stylist): Exclusive Rapid Fire with Flick Companion

priyanka sahajannda

          Priyanka Sahajananda a famous stylist amongst the youth of today is born on 23rd March 1996 from Ananthapur in Andhra Pradesh, India. She was born to Mr. Ravi Raj and Mrs.Vijaya Lakshmi, both her parents are Government employees and they are nowhere connected to the film industry. Priyanka Sahajananda has a younger sibling named Jahnavi who is now pursuing the Second year of MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).

  Priyanka’s Father works as a Biology Professor for a Government college and her mother works as a Principal for one of the Government institutes. Priyanka spent most of her childhood studying as both her parents are teachers and they wanted her to outshine her mates.

    Though she studied in many different schools until her 8th standard, Priyanka Sahajadana has completed her schooling from Keshav Reddy School of Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh. She then joined Sri Chaitanya Junior College to pursue her intermediate in the Stream of Biology i.e Bi.P.C (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry). 

      She then flew abroad and completed her bachelor’s in Psychology and came out of the institute with flying colors and later she joined MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) but she dropped that in middle and came back to India. 

   Priyanka Sahajananda was very much interested in being a part of the Fashion industry since her childhood and wanted to pursue her career as a Fashion Designer and Stylist. So, when she dropped her MBBS degree she decided to enter the fashion and glam industry and thus joined the Fashion Designing course at Lakhotia College in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. 

   She graduated from the Fashion Designing course in the year 2020. She once said that though she loved pursuing her career as a doctor, destiny brought her to the Fashion industry and gave her the best. She, when asked about her long term goal, said that she wants to establish a brand on her name so that every other person out there will be able to wear her designs. 

   Priyanka in one of her statements mentioned that her Grandmother is her inspiration and role model, she was the one who has always encouraged Priyanka in all the aspects of her life, always wanted her to be self- confident, self-dependent and to have self-belief. 

    She even said that her grandmother usually said that “We should shine wherever we are no matter what the Circumstances are” and this often hit her and made her work hard. 

    Her Grandmother was the one who identified her interest in styling and fashion, she always encouraged Priyanka and made her feel the best. Since then Priyanka Sahajananda thought that no matter what profession she chose she should be the best. 

As Priyanka Sahajananda was interested in the glam industry since her childhood though she was pursuing her bachelor’s in Psychology, she worked for many stylists as an intern. Meanwhile, she took part in many competitions and won them, she even grabbed the title of Miss Fresher 2015 in the 1st year. 

Priyanka Sahajananda

   Priyanka considers switching her career from the Medical field to the Glam industry as her biggest struggle. She was questioned a lot for dropping her MBBS and trying to shift to the fashion industry and many people have even said that she would later feel guilty for switching careers and drifting away from destiny.

   But Priyanka Sahajananda now feels very happy for shifting her career as she finds happiness behind each and every outfit that she designs. 

      Priyanka Sahajananda usually states that her decision to switch careers was the best ever decision made by her as this gives her the utmost pleasure and comfort while working. 

    Her first ever experience out of my regularities was to style for a model and a contestant of Mr.India 2017, she got this opportunity through one of her friends who was a photographer for models. She then styled and designed a few looks for him and they came out pretty well and that was the launch of her career.

   She then later worked for celebrities for their personal photoshoots and reality shows which increased her popularity among youngsters. All the celebrities whomever she stylized came out with stunning outfits and she won the hearts of many people and this helped her to grab much more attention in the film industry.

    As of now, Priyanka Sahajananda is working with many bigshot stars of the Tollywood industry as the Payal Rajput, Nabha Natesh, Surabhi Puranik, Poorna from 2 years and have created an amazing bond with them.

    Though she had a bit of struggle in the beginning she then later started to design outfits for contestants of  Mr. India and Mrs. India contests. As time passed she was called for an interview at the beginning of the year 2018 to design outfits for a new reality show entitled Sixth Sense, a program telecasted in Telugu language and aired on Maa TV and got selected. Priyanka then worked as an official stylist for the Anchor of the show for two seasons. 

    She worked for half of a year for the show and later she worked as a stylist for a few of the contestants like Geetha Madhuri (Singer) and Shyamala (Actor and Anchor) and received a wonderful response for her flattering designs and for the way of styling them.

     Priyanka Sahajanandan has styled many top celebrities and proved her talent in styling few contestants of the reality shows such as Big Boss 2 (A show telecasted in the Telugu language on MAA TV), Spiltsvilla (A show telecasted in the Hindi language on M TV), Sixth Sense  (A show telecasted in Telugu language on MAA TV), Big Boss 11 (A show telecasted in the Hindi language on Colors Channel), Star Mahila (A show telecasted in Telugu language on E TV), and many more.

   Amidst all this Priyanka Sahajananda worked as a freelance stylist and started her celebrity shoots with Sandeep Kishan and later she worked with Prince (Hero and Big Boss1 contestant). Then the list of celebrities she started working was increased, she then started to design outfits for celebrities like Mehreen Pirzada, Anupama Parameswaran, Payal Rajput, Nabha Natesh, Poojitha Ponnada, Chitra Shukla, Sada, Chandini Chowdary, Nanditha Swetha, and many others.

   Then later the opportunities kept on increasing for her as she started working for the contestants of Bollywood reality shows as Splits Villa (A reality show telecasted in the Hindi language on MTV), Bigg Boss 11(A reality show telecasted in the Hindi language on Colors TV), and many others. Priyanka Styled contestants such as Arshi Khan, Mandeep Gujjar, and others. 

 By the Beginning of 2019, Priyanka Sahajananda got an opportunity to work for her all-time favorite heroine Kajal Aggarwal.

kajal agarwal

Besides, she started working for well-known celebrity faces such as Poorna, Surabhi Puranik, Payal Rajput, and Nabha Natesh constantly up to now.

    In mid-2019, she worked on outfits and styling for Upasana Kamineni for a private album song by Roll Rida, Ineya (Malayalam actress), Priyanka jawalkar, Pranitha Subash, Esha Rebba. Meanwhile, she even worked with few renowned actresses as  Ritu Varma, Hamsa Nandini, Suma Kanakala, and Kajal Aggarwal for the second time.

    Priyanka Sahajananda says that she has a lot of interest in working for an animal rescue team as she is very fond of animals and loves to serve them by adopting homeless animals and providing shelter to them. 

    She even has a pet dog named Scooby and loves to spend a lot of time with him. She usually spends most of her time playing with her pet and binge-watching, being a make-up lover she also does a lot of experiment with her make up kits trying new looks which helps her unleashing many new techniques and looks.

    As of the current pandemic situation asked about her current projects Priyanka said that she is working for Star Mahila a show telecasted in the Telugu language, also for a new OTT show “All is Well” by Suma Kanakala, Dhee Jodi for Poorna, and as usual celebrity shoots and stylings for other actresses as mentioned previously. 

 Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, she even started a Youtube Channel in which she mainly focuses on her personal life and her experience during celebrity shoots and styling. Priyanka started a new variant in the videos titled “Style Talk With Priyanka Sahajananda” where she usually discusses her previously designed outfits and some of the points useful for upcoming fashion aspirants. 

  This was all about Priyanka Sahajananda in detail, congratulations on her current projects and All the Best for the upcoming ones.

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