Rishika Kapoor, making an undeniable mark with first steps

Rishika Kapoor

Rishika Kapoor is young and raring to go. Taking lessons from those around her and building confidence along the way, she has the fire to work towards her acting dreams. With a hobby like following movies and enjoying them, it is no wonder she saw herself as part of this fantastical story telling industry. Planning wasn’t required, the decision was made. Now, she is here to entertain and find happiness in it. This Delhi girl is making sure but steady progress in Bollywood. She is soon to be seen in a Punjabi movie. A movie with the ever colourful Govinda is also in the pipeline. This promising start to her career is sure to make an impression on the audience. The beautiful actress may have a long way to go, but the present moments are making quite a difference. Let us explore the person behind the actress.

A positive, balanced upbringing

Rishika Kapoor was born to Rajveer Kapoor and Geeta Kapoor on 28 June 1997. She opened her eyes to the world in Modi Nagar of Delhi. Her parents are into Business, juggling between work and three children. That never deterred them from always taking good care of the family.

Since she was in Kindergarten, Rishika was never pushed or forced to study. She was never under pressure to be the best or even the second best. Nurturing her with a positive frame of mind, she was taught to be fair and independent. “For my parents, any level of test grades was good. I was never told to become an engineer or a doctor. Choice was entrusted to me,” she expresses. Her parents encouraged her to be herself. “Be you, because the future is yours, we just try our best to give a nice path and a little push for your starting journey in life,” they had said.

Best friends for life

Rishika need not look anywhere else for best friends. She has two younger brothers, Ajay and Vijay. Even as children, they were all pretty close, the age difference notwithstanding. “My bonding with both the brothers are like best friends and we are happiest hanging out together and supporting each other when required,” she shares.

Currently, since she lives away from her parents in Mumbai. She stays with and shares chores with Vijay. Together, they shop, eat out or just ‘chill.’

Rishika Kapoor: A happy childhood

Rishika Kapoor always had her sights on being a part of the entertainment industry. She candidly admits that she dropped out of her college during the early days of her modelling career. “I was focusing more on acting and dance classes,” she quips.

That is not to say her teachers did not make an impact. She notes that teachers of all walks of life and subjects have the ability to shape opinions and help form ideas about society, life and personal goals. Teachers can also expand students’ limits and push their creativity. All of them have shaped her into the woman she is today. “My teachers too were very supportive and they were the happiest people when I signed my 1st Bollywood film,” Rishika remembers.

In her words, she had the best time in her school. She was an annoying kid who used to constantly trouble her friends and teachers. She giggles and reveals that she had her own girls’ gang back then.

Most solid support and Inspiration

For Rishika, It’s her mother. She has been her strongest support system. There is nothing she can hide from her mom. “She has been there for me all the time, when I’m happy, low and she is the powerhouse of my confidence,” she shares.

There may have been many real-life inspirations for the budding actress. But she also has an idol that she admires. She has high praise for Marilyn Monroe. Rishika says that she is not just an actress, she is a vision herself. “Everything is so inspiring about her, be it her childhood, career, the roles she has done and what she contributed to the society.”

Rishika Kapoor: Hobbies and Training

It is as if Rishika has been preparing herself for this moment since childhood. Her most treasured hobby is her love for TV and movies. She states that she can binge watch series and movies whenever she finds free time.

Adding another feather to her cap, she has been trained in Kick Boxing for 6 months. She is an avid supporter of Yoga and has been practicing it for 2 years.

Baby steps in the Industry

Rishika Kapoor has just started her journey in film Industry and accepts that it’s very competitive. She believes that nothing is a cake walk in life and that everyone has to struggle if they dream big. “All we have to do is just have patience and work hard,” she observes.   

Marking her foray into the movie line, she landed her first Punjabi film ‘Rabba Ishq Na hove’ through her family friends. Interestingly, one fine day Govinda had visited the set and offered her a Bollywood film. It is tentatively named ‘Bhagwan ke liye mujhe chod do,’ where she plays a chirpy character.

She is eagerly waiting for her Punjabi film and is currently shooting for the Bollywood film starring Govinda. 

Zeal to make her mark

Rishika Kapoor says that it was her zeal towards acting and films that brought her this far. “I just started my career. I just believe in every moment of life. Ups and down in career teaches a lot of life lessons and it’s a phase of life,” she says, eager to give her all.  She expresses that there are no other alternative career plans. Since her childhood she always dreamt of becoming an actor

Current and upcoming projects

She is working on the Bollywood film with Govinda and is further listening to scripts. Rishika is auditioning as well. 

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