Saanve Megghana (Pitta Kathalu), here to fulfill her destiny

Saanve Megghana

Young and creative, Saanve Megghana is coming into her own in the Telugu Film Industry. Having started acting while still in college, she is on an upswing, eager to please her audience. She is a talent waiting to explore her full potential, much like a flower waiting to bloom. Here is a brief story of the girl we have come to know as ‘Ramula’ from Pitta Kathalu

Before films happened

Saanve Megghana is ready to explore the world. But before that, she is firstly a true blue Hyderabadi. She was born on 12th September, 1997 in the city. Her father Vamshi Kishore is a businessman, while mother Padma Mandumula is a homemaker. Saying she was born to extraordinary parents, she considers them her world. Very much a dynamic lady, she promises, “they have brought me into this world, it’s my turn now to make them proud to have a daughter like me.” Saanve is someone on the brink of breaking through. 

A family girl

Saanve belongs to a very beautiful family where her parents are a world of support. They have selflessly given her brother and her everything they have always needed. Their constant advice is a source of comfort. The actress states that they always tell her to do what she likes, and to continue doing it until she becomes what she wants. For them, “the one who tries never fails.”

Saanve is a proud sister to a very handsome, hazel-eyed, curly haired brother. He is 3 years older than her and is a writer, filmmaker and an actor. She assured, “He’s gonna blow your mind with his debut film next year or never can tell, this year.” He has done two short films, which he had written, directed and acted in as well. One short film called Black Coffee has been nominated for SIIMA awards for Best actor and also Best Film. 

Life starts at college

Saanve proved to be a good student. Until the 5th grade, she studied at Rosary Convent high school, Abids. Her 6th to 12th was at Bhavans (CBSE), Sainikpuri. Here, she was memorably titled Miss Elegant Eyes during the 10th Farewell and Miss Popular during her 12th Farewell. Life truly began at St Francis College for women, Begumpet, where she did her graduation.

The principal from St.Francis named Christine Fernandez always encouraged her throughout the span of the three years in college. She supported her with academics, cultural activities and even film shoots. In fact the principal permitted Saanve to attend all her shoots by giving a concession in attendance, she reveals with a wink and a smile. 

She was, and is still a notorious kid. Due to the hectic schedules of shoots, her attendance took a toll. This led to her missing classes drastically, which caused a massive shortage of attendance. At one point, she had to write two semesters comprising 12 subjects at one go. However, she cheerfully quips that she scored “damn good.”

During this time she was the second runner up for the title of Miss Francis. Saanve was part of a college dance group called Danceversity and she was the cultural head. The result was that she was always in the newspapers. For her, that was very cool. The only dearth was, she couldn’t enjoy her college life thoroughly. She had begun acting already by then. 

Despite a full and fun filled college life, she feels blessed to have family and even friends like family. “It’s inestimable what I feel about them,” she says. 

Skills for the road ahead

Very interestingly, Saanve was one in a class of 80 girls who chose CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate). She had made the switches herself. She is also one among 10 girls in a Dubbing class. Saanve can speak various slangs in Telugu. 

She loves all kinds of art. She has been taught calligraphy with a knowledge of 16 styles. Other than this, she learnt Fabric painting and went to dance workshops. “I’m still waiting to be trained and learn different styles in dance. I love dancing as much as I love to act,” she says.

Despite the varied skills, she agrees that the skill that is most important in the film industry is patience. Saanve wisely observes, “I believe every event that happens in your life teaches you something. Nothing happens without a reason. Failures always teach you more than success does. It leads to personal evolution and that’s what keeps you afloat.”

At her creative best

– Dance. Saanve humorously shares that she dances even when she walks. 

– Art. For the budding actress, it’s just not a way out. She can just pick up a calligraphy pen or a canvas to paint, or even a mehndi cone randomly and that fills her heart with joy. 

– Music. The lady’s grandfather, she shares, has a God’s gift. He can play any musical instrument and he taught her many songs on the keyboard. “I’m a Bollywood freak, I can play a dozen Hindi songs on it. I just go back sometimes, revise all of them,” she remarks.

Experience with films

Saanve agrees that it wasn’t very easy in the industry and that being here for four years is quite a big deal. She shares a philosophy, “we go through so much with each day passing by, year in year out, these 4 years taught me if something ever comes easy, it goes away easy.” 

She continues that she had been more than patient with herself. She feels that as humans, the least we could do is try. “And I’ve tried, tried and tried,” she states. During this process, she also learnt about herself. Looking back, she says she can see how every little thing was so valuable to her and that’s what makes her value every little thing that happens to her in her life from now on. In her words, “We get what we deserve.” 

And yet, she makes sure she is prepared for the journey. With every character she watches, Saanve surely picks something up. It is very natural for a lot of people. Her father says that if she spends time with someone for a while, she extracts their personality. “Well, I can put that to use,” the actress within her asserts. Besides, she had always admired the “eternal screen goddess” Sridevi. 

Chance of a lifetime

Unforgettable is the word that describes her first chance in the industry. First shall always be special. It all began one day when the veteran actor Jayasudha rang up Saanve’s mother.

Here goes the story. There was a shoot happening at her college St.Francis and for mandatory attendance she had to assist the team, being part of Social service. Somebody from the team bumped into her and asked if she could act. She immediately said, “no, I can dance.” She then gave them her mother’s number to get away. Cut to two months later,  Jayasudha had called her mother, saying she wanted to cast her as the lead for a  sitcom produced by her. Saanve auditioned the next day and that was the first time she had ever acted. “It was magical. Subsequently, my number was circulated and a lot of people began to approach me for roles in films,” she shares. It was surreal for a girl like her who has no film background. She knew then that this was the beginning. 

Work so far

Saanve Megghana had done a couple of roles in Telugu films which, she honestly remarks, were insignificant. But she is blessed to have such an experience on the sets. She had done a film with minuscule screen space at the age of 18 and she auditioned for a role in Syeraa. She feels she had a lot of learning on the sets itself. 

Her most recent role Ramula will always be special to her no matter what. She gives her best in everything and it’s the audience who chooses her best for them. This is just the beginning for her. 

Saanve Megghana comments, “I don’t know what success means, it is never ending. I just want to live and learn from every little achievement.”

She further continues that her career chose her and this turned out to be an absolute blessing. Ever since then, she knew she belonged to the world of cinema. 

A few thoughts

In her life, Saanve Megghana wants to go with the flow, wherever her heart wants to be. In this journey, her awards will be in the form of self evolution, patience and joy. 

She shares that she wouldn’t call anything specific as ups or downs. “I’d take all of them as consequences to my actions which are bound to happen. Everything happens for a reason and it’s all in how you perceive your struggle as, isn’t it? Owning both success or struggle is a choice that we make.”

She further elaborates that once she is established, she has many lovely ideas to implement for people. For now, those ideas remain a surprise. She says she has what it takes to be a business woman and that it’s in her blood. However, she will definitely act till her last breath.

Upcoming projects

Saanve Megghana has a very exciting role in the film titled ‘Pushpakavimanam.’ It is being directed by debutante director Damodar. She is playing the lead opposite Anand Deverakonda and the film is being produced by Kind of the Hill and Tanga productions. The film is likely to release in June in Theatres.

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