Sayed Mahmood (Anwari) from Darkest Place to a Bright Future actor

Sayed Mahmood

Meet the enigmatic actor, Sayed Mahmood (Anwari), a little-known individual whose story serves as inspiration for many young people aspiring to pursue their dream careers. He carries millions of dreams in his eyes and exemplifies patience and hope in handling difficult situations. Today, he stands as a profoundly inspiring actor of his generation, consistently enthralling audiences with his exceptional talent and unwavering commitment. However, as is often said, the journey to stardom is not without its challenges. Let’s take a closer look at Sayed Mahmood’s life journey.

Seeds of Stardom: The Early Life

Sayed Mahmood landed on Earth on 27th March 2000 in Mazar Sharif Afghanistan to a prosperous businessman family, Sayed Mahboob Anwari, and Nasima Anwari. Sayed was the youngest son of the family, he also has two loving sisters and four protective brothers. However, as the youngest son, Sayed was surrounded by the care of his family members. His father, Mr. Sayed Mahboob is a respected fruit merchant of the city and his mother is a homemaker. Since childhood, Sayed carried big dreams and always looked to learn something new. 

From an early age, Sayed displayed an insatiable curiosity and passion for learning. His brilliant mind always thirsted for knowledge which propelled him to top the class every year. During his school time, he deeply understood the transformative power of education. This realization provided the strong motivation needed to pursue a fulfilling career.

In a world filled with uncertainty and disorder, he forged a path to pursue his career amidst myriad possibilities. His unwavering determination became the guiding force that propelled him forward on his remarkable journey towards success.

From Dreams to Destiny: Passion for Acting

From childhood dreams to making his career, he carried his dream all the way long. He wanted to complete his graduation in India to pursue his career and he was waiting for the day when he could apply for the Indian scholarship. This was a breathtaking and daring move that changed his entire life.

After entering an Indian university, a new chapter in his life began. His life was like a blank book at first, but gradually, as he achieved success in his career and life, the pages started to fill with his journey from zero to hero. Many untold stories still await!

When he received admission in India, his life took a significant turn. This became the pivotal moment that initiated his acting journey. Starting afresh with immense passion and interest, he found solace and inspiration in the Indian serial “Kasauti Zindagi ki” to pursue his dreams. He was deeply moved by the Indian culture, the warmth of its people, and the vibrancy of its festivals, which ignited his desire to pursue a career in acting, a dream that was previously out of reach in his own country.

A path to success: Academic Achievements 

Later, Sayed enrolled in Saleh Mohammad High School in Mazar Sharif, Afghanistan. After completing his studies, he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in computer application and graduated from Pune, India.

From an early age, Sayed has carried his dreams close to his heart, nurturing them with unwavering dedication. A distinguished student in school, he firmly upholds the belief that education is paramount in life. Sayed is deeply religious, placing unwavering faith in God. Finding solace in his unwavering trust in God, and with that all worries dissipate, as God’s omniscience encompasses everything. “He gives, and He will take it back,” he elaborates.

The diverse talent of Sayed Mahmood

After graduating, he also earned a diploma in acting and became a trained martial artist. In addition to his studies, he enjoys swimming and playing football. 

The diverse talent of Sayed Mahmood

He has been a super football player in school since childhood. He is playing football with discipline. He pushed himself very hard to achieve an amazing physique. He was a member of the Afghan national team in Pune, India. He started as an actor without a chiseled physique, but through hard work and dedication, he eventually earned recognition for his acting talents. Not only was he a brilliant student, but he was also a talented actor, athlete, and much more. He has acquired many skills that are essential for the film industry. He once said, “Be honest, do things correctly, and be unique. Kindness shows your humanity.”

In addition to all that, he’s a wonderful writer and a bookworm. He loves spending his free time penning poetry and exploring the enchanting world of Farsi poetry books.

Sayed Mahmood is such a dynamic person! He’s not just an actor; he’s all about embracing different passions in life. He loves reading books, staying active with exercise, and playing football. On top of all that, while pursuing his acting career, he also started a small business where he bought around 10 scooters for renting to newcomers. “Big dreams start with small steps, discipline, and patience,” he happily shared.

Career and Motivation to pursue his acting Life:

When we say, everything will be fine, it works. Everyone has to go through a specific phase of time that teaches them the moral values of life. In Sayed’s life, he had to face many hurdles in his life, which was a difficult phase of life. He is a strong human being and he overcame all those hurdles to achieve something in life. He shares, ‘thanks to his mates and especially those who pushed him to the ultimate level, he broke into pieces and then reinvented himself. Later, during his college time, he won his first Best Actor award which was a big achievement.

Depression and Self-Introspection

The journey of life is full of challenges and difficulties. It is often said that life is incomplete without challenges. When he began his acting career, he missed out on his first lead role in a film due to his final exams, which was a major setback and caused him to experience depression. However, he faced this challenge head-on and began to shift his mindset to a more positive outlook. To help himself stay motivated, he started watching spiritual videos, which provided him with clarity of thought and allowed him to move forward once again.

He further added ‘the bigger your aims, the bigger the struggles,’. He is a fan of Mawlana (Jalal ad-Din) Rumi. “Be the sun in kindness, be in your life as you are, be a river of generosity to others, be a sea of patience and tolerance; as dead when angry,’ he pointed out proudly.” “He further said, Mawlana (Jalal ad-Din Rumi), ‘Sir, your kindness, wisdom, simplicity, and vision were extremely amazing. I wish I could have them in my life,’ he said. ‘Never miss any chance to help people unconditionally, because you would have miracles at hand by God’s direction which no one can stop,’ he added.”

The rising actor’s journey: Steady steps in the Industry

He worked hard and had many significant projects to establish his acting career. Let’s talk about his project so far which has led him to earn worldwide recognition.  He worked on Crakk a famous Bollywood movie which was directed by Aditya Dutt is one of the big projects of his career which brought him greater recognition. 

Sayed Mahmood

This project has changed his life, when he watched his movie for the first time he was emotional and excited. It was an unforgettable moment for him. Till now, his path has been his discipline and belief in God and oneself. Crakk is his debut movie, and now many more projects are in the pipeline.

The second achievement he shared was his second movie, Naadaniyaan which was directed by Shauna Gautam, the movie is all set to release. After so many challenges and hurdles he came this far in his career and appreciates the film industry of India for giving him this chance in his life. He has always liked India, and its heritage and culture.

Looking ahead at his career

Now, he is striving to make his mark in Bollywood and Tollywood, aiming to work across India. From his early years to his journey as a dedicated actor, he has achieved success through hard work and passion. He always acknowledges the warm and welcoming nature of the people in India and generously shares glimpses of his journey. Offering a simple cup of tea or extending invitations to foreigners is not about wealth; it’s about having a generous spirit and open heart. He is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the film industry, surrounded by wonderful people and an incredible culture.

It’s his passion to work and act amazingly. He never actually planned to come to this point, but he says he likes surprises in life. “Getting a part and losing is part of life. Just be patient and work on yourself, that’s it,” he assures.”

Current Projects

Currently, Sayed Mahmood’s upcoming project is Naadaniyaan, which is all set to release. Apart from this, he has signed up for other Hindi and Telugu projects.