Siddharth Naidu (Case 30), forging a path that’s uniquely entertaining

Siddharth Naidu

If silent progress can make the loudest statement, Siddharth Naidu is well on his way to make a bang. The actor is not new to the industry, having appeared in roles like sudden lightning, making a spark. Now, that spark is catching on and audiences will soon have a chance to witness his focused brand of entertainment. He is a film lover at his core without failing to work on the core (Abs) either. Siddharth surely is not at fault for his unwavering dedication to his craft. Standing out is rightly his focus in the Telugu Film Industry as the long struggles undoubtedly teaches us. Not one to stay behind, watch out for a new talent to shine through from this individual who believes in creating his own sunshine. Let us have a look at Siddharth’s thoughts for a little glimpse into his world. 

Upbringing imbibed with upstanding values

Siddharth Naidu was born to parents Narasimharao and Hema. Father is the producer of ‘PNR Film Factory’ and mother is a homemaker. Siddharth landed on this earth on November 17 in the town of Eluru in West Godavari District.

siddharth naidu family

He enjoys the company of his elder brother Sandeep Pydimarri. The brothers share a very strong bond. The actor has a discipline that has roots in his childhood. He attributes it to his parents who raised him with good moral values. “They taught me to be optimistic in nature and value what I have,” he elaborates. 

Childhood stories to remember

Siddharth is a graduate. But, that is not the most significant aspect. Unlike many kids, he had a creative streak from the beginning. “I have been very interested in paintings since I was a child and even the teachers at the school encouraged and anchored me well in that area,” he notes. There was a troublemaker side to him as well. 

Siddharth fondly remembers the time when his brother took the punishment meant for him. Many years back in school, the students were given an assignment. Our budding actor, for unknown reasons, failed to write it. Unfortunately for him, on the same day, the teacher informed them that they needed to get their books corrected and submit it for inspection to the principal. As he did not do his work and the notes remained incomplete, a young Siddharth realised the teacher wouldn’t make the correction for him. He, therefore, took the sneaky path and corrected his book himself, while also forging the teacher’s signature.

During inspection of the book he got caught, resulting in the principal calling him to his cabin. He was asked about the correction and the teacher’s signature. “I was afraid and did not understand what to say. So I put the blame on my elder brother. I told the principal that my brother had done the correction and forged the signature,” he reveals. As his brother was also studying in the same school, he was summoned, beaten and given a full day punishment. He had to kneel down for the whole day. “Sometimes we remember that incident. It always makes us laugh,” he reminisces with a smile. 

Since his childhood, Siddharth nurtured a fondness for Doremon and Pikachu. A pet parent, he welcomed an adorable dog into his life and named him after the popular Shizuka. 

Passion beyond education

The actor is extremely passionate about working out and keeping fabulously fit. “I am very much interested in going to the gym, I love workouts,” he shares excitedly. He mostly spends his free time at the gym and works out diligently. It is a hobby that relieves his stress. Not just stress, he feels the gym is like a temple. The fitness enthusiast has a great respect for Hrithik Roshan and continuously takes his example. 

“Actually if I did not get into the industry then I would most probably be a fitness trainer,” he mentions. He loves it so much that he can spend hours in the gym. He feels energised and relaxed after every workout session. 

Honest motivations in life

Siddharth doesn’t simply idolise a single individual. He takes his inspiration from a selection of celebrities. “I don’t have any role models, but I like ‘Rajamouli’ sir, ‘Puri jagannath’ sir and ‘Adivi Sesh’ bro, because they won’t compromise or settle until they think of everything,” he says. He also feels that the dedication and commitment they have towards their work has brought them to these great positions in the Telugu Film Industry. “They are also taking TFI to the next level and reaching PAN India Audience,” he rightly observes.

Steady steps in the Industry

Siddharth Naidu has been a part of around 7 movies so far. These movies showed him in key roles and character roles. Among all the projects, he considers the best ones to be ‘Bahubali-2’ and ‘V’ movies. “During Bahubali-2 Rajamouli sir, Prabhas bro, Tamannah garu, all were very friendly. Coming to V, that’s my unforgettable experience because everyone used to be very close and friendly,” he shares. He enjoyed a lot during the Bangkok schedule with Mohan Krishna, Sudheer Babu, Nani, Vennela Kishore and other co-artists. “The crew and the direction department, especially Rajashekar bro and Varma bro used to be very supportive,” he remembers. 

The person who has given him the artist opportunity is Shekar Kammula in the movie named ‘Anamika.’ Siddharth played a very small role in that movie, marking his first experience before the camera. In his words, “I have worked very hard, around a year, to get that role in the movie.”

He has achieved this portfolio himself, but not without strong emotional support. It was because of his brother’s support that he was able to get into the industry. The support he gave and is giving even now is the reason he has reached this stage. 

Looking ahead to prove himself

Siddharth Naidu agrees that surviving and withstanding the industry is not easy. “We should try hard to create our position and at the same time we should hold some patience to prove talent,” he says. He believes that one shouldn’t wait for someone to support us or think that no one is taking a stand for us. “Everybody has their own tensions, everyone is busy in their own life. Better don’t depend on anyone while you are entering the industry,” he states candidly. “Even after facing a lot of problems and going through all the struggles, I am now in a process of creating my identity,” he expresses with a positive attitude. 

Upcoming Projects

Currently, Siddharth’s upcoming project ‘Case 30’ is on its way for a release. Apart from this, he has signed up for two other projects. 

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