A life journey of an actress: Sneha Madhuri Sharma

Sneha Madhuri Sharma

Let me introduce you to one of the prominent actresses in the Telugu Film Industry, Sneha Madhuri Sharma. She was born in Hyderabad on 10th July to Mr. Raghu Ram Sharma and Mrs. Geethanjali. She is the only child of her parents. Her father is a finance manager, and her mother is a homemaker. She shared a memory: her mother wanted her to become a singer, and her father wanted her to become a Chartered Accountant (CA). However, she has other interests. 

The Multi-talented Actress: Hobbies

As for her hobbies, she is a wonderful singer. She also likes to hang out with friends, do gardening, and cook. Additionally, she has an interest in food fashion and is a lifestyle influencer too. Additionally, she has a great attraction towards animals and loves petting them. She also has a cute pet dog in her home as well.

Personal Insights

Sneha Madhuri Sharma Crush

Apart from all these, she shared some insights about her personal life that she has a huge crush on Dulquer Salman and TV actor Shaheer Sheikh who is known for his portrayal of Arjun in the Mahabharat series.

The Untold Story: Behind the Scenes

She shared the challenges she faced while trying to break into the entertainment industry, emphasizing that luck played a significant role in her getting her first project. She draws inspiration from leading actors like Soundarya, Meena, and Deepika Padukone, who have been a constant source of inspiration for her. She shared the experience of how Director Ravi Kiran Kola came across her profile by chance and promptly selected her for the role of Geetha in the film “Raja Vaaru Rani Garu,”

Sneha Madhuri Sharma

“When we begin working, we always give our best. However, nothing can compare to the feeling of starting something new. Whether it’s the first job, business, or movie, it always holds a special place in our lives. In the movie Raja Vaaru Rani Garu, her character gained many fans from the Godavari districts. She also received numerous gifts from that region after the release.”

Starting from Scratch

She has done many impressive projects, including “Raja Vaaru Rani Garu,” “Ardha Shatabdham,” “Color Photo,” “Missing,” “Madhie,” the web series “3 Roses,” “Seetharamam,” and “the ATM web series”. Her portrayal of the beloved character Pooja in “Prema Vimanam” resonated deeply with audiences, contributing to her growing reputation.

Sneha Madhuri Sharma in Seetharamam

Additionally, she has been involved in “Rowdy Boys,” the web series “Yakshini,” and the renowned movie “Pushpa: The Rise,” where she played an important role as Rashmika Mandana’s friend.

Sneha Madhuri Sharma with Rashmika

Her experience working alongside senior actors in “Pushpa” was immensely rewarding and provided her with invaluable insight into the craft.

The unforgettable experience

Throughout her life, Sneha has had many opportunities to succeed, and she has seized all of them to make her career successful. Well, like everyone has some achievements in their lives that they want to share with everyone. Similarly, she has achieved the things she’s proud of. And one of the achievements that she shared was, she was invited to be the chief guest at Aurora College, where she promoted her movie, Alanati Ramachandrudu. This was a big deal for her, like winning an award.

Like most people, she also had her share of struggles. “She missed out on opportunities to act in new movies, which later turned out to be disappointing, and the roles she did get were changed a lot. She’s glad she didn’t take part in those kinds of movies, she added”.

Current projects

She is gearing up for the upcoming release of the movies “Alanati Ramachandrudu, and the Artiste”.

Upcoming projects

She is lined up to star in a film produced by Annapurna, take on a lead role in another film, and embark on a new project with Geetha Arts.