Sony Komanduri (Hamsa Naava – Baahubali 2), a feast for your ears


If you’re a music lover, it is impossible not to fall in love with Sony Komanduri. She is a well known singer with a mellifluous voice in the South Film Industry.

Sony Komanduri

Sony is recognized predominantly for the song ‘Hamsa naava‘ from the film Baahubali. She had previously sung a cover for the song ‘Emai poyave,’ which garnered a large viewership. A warm, friendly person, Sony is always excited for the little things in life and is always trying to be her best.

She hosts a show called ‘Let’s talk music with Sony Komanduri’ for @madhuraaudio’s YouTube music channel. She regularly shares her cover versions and mashups of favorite songs and even acapella performances. She is a girl with a lovely musical family for which she is very grateful. Her love for music doesn’t stop her from being picture perfect too. Sony is also a woman of many expressions, laughter being the prominent one.  

Here, you can read a little about your favourite singer and her definition of success and happiness. 

A family like no other

Sony Komanduri was born on 24th September 1998 at her mom’s hometown of Chodawaram. Mom’s name is Sujatha Dhawala and dad is Ramachary Komanduri, who she considers her hero. Her parents recently celebrated 30 years of being together.

Dad is a recognised singer and music director. He is the founder of Little Musicians Academy. Mom is a Sanskrit lecturer. Sony feels she was privileged to have been born in a musical family. Not only that, she was brought up in a very supportive environment. For the uninformed, her elder brother happens to be Saketh Komanduri.

He is an active singer and music director. The siblings are very close and it is obvious in their collaborations. As brother and sister, they are a team and he is her best friend in the whole world.

Speaking about her family and their memorable moments, Sony expresses, “yes they’ve been with me throughout and their support is immense in every phase of my life.”

A wholesome education

Sony Komanduri grew up in Hyderabad with schooling from Little Flower High School, Abids. Her Intermediate was done in 2 colleges, Sri Chaitanya and Sarath Junior College, during the 1st and 2nd years respectively. She further completed her UG studying BA In Mass communication and Journalism from St. Joseph’s degree and PG college.

As an additional feather in her cap, she took a foundation course in Music from KM Music Conservatory (AR Rahman music school).

Reminiscing about her school, Sony says, “my school has taught me so much and they moulded me into a better person.”

A mountain of support for her talent

The dedicated singer had started singing and performing at a very early age, “1st class to be precise,” she reveals. Her parents and teachers were very supportive throughout her childhood and helped her catch up with classes at school. 

Elaborating on the most important people in her life, she says that she firstly has her family. Secondly, she has amazing friends who always stay by her side, especially Sanjana and Padma Priya. “We have been friends for over 15 years now,” she shares.

Skills of a singer

Contrary to general belief, having a good voice is not the only factor in a singer’s success. Training takes primary focus to bring out the best in our pride that is Sony. She agrees, “I believe my practice and self confidence will help me do wonders.”

Turning point in life

An event during the course of her life gave Sony a much needed push. She had participated in a Carnatic music competition called ‘Bhajan Samrat,’ where our team was led by her Carnatic music teacher Smt.T. Sreenidhi. Sony and her team memorably won that competition. 

She showed immense discipline and shared that their practice sessions started at 5:00 am each day. This continued for about 2 to 3 months every day. “That changed my perspective and dedication towards music,” Sony stated.

Happy go Lucky girl

Sony’s favorite hobby is to “chill with friends.” She says there are no troubles to speak of in her life as of now. For her the industry and its people were always welcoming.

Her dad is her role model and biggest inspiration. 

Journey towards success

Sony had sung her first recording during her 1st class for a serial called Bommarillu. Music for the song was provided by Dr. Bunty. 

Since then, there has been no stopping the talented singer. She says, “I’ve sung about 50 songs and the best is always Baahubali 2 – hamsa naava.”

She, however, feels that she has just started her career and that there is a long way ahead to attain success. 

She says that she needs a lot more time and experience to talk about ups and downs. According to her, as of now, she had negligible downs and greatest ups, the greatest being Baahubali 2. 

She exuberantly assures, “It was absolutely my passion and no one forced or pushed me to become what I am today. I always wanted to be a singer.”

Well deserved recognition

Sony Komanduri has received TSR award, AP State Ugadi Puraskar award, 150th world Telugu federation award (Malaysia) and many more. 

Speaking about her first and only love, she says that she had always seen herself tied up solely with music. She never thought about an alternative career. 

Some of her work so far

  • Participated in Padutha theeyaga, Zee saregamapa Little Champs, okkare
  • Hosted Zee Telugu Super Mom game show plus talkshows in HMTV and NTV
  • Worked under music directors like MM Keeravani, SS Thaman, Mani Sharma, Koti, Mickey J Mayor, Sai Karteek, Suresh Bobbili and many others
  • Performed on many prestigious stages across India as well as overseas like Singapore, Malaysia and Uganda

Recent Playback songs

  1. Hamsa Naava – Baahubali 2
  2. Basmathi Biryani – Gautham Nanda
  3. Achari America Yatra – Achari America Yatra
  4. Bhaagamathiee theme song
  5. Selfie Raja – Selfie Raaja
  6. AndaPinda – Om Namo Venkatesaya
  7. Cool Night – Show time
  8. Boogie Woogie – Show time
  9. Ranga Deva – Ma abbay
  10. Naaloni Nuvvu – Needi Naadi plate katha

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