Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam: Success is Not a Destination, It’s a Journey

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Dreams do have destinations, So set up milestones and never stop dreaming !

The journey of Tharun Bhascker whatsoever may be, surely remains an inspiration to many youngsters for them to carry their dreams forward.

Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam: Exclusive Interview with Flick Companion

Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam is now a household name, having made a mark with several well appreciated movies. Be it writing, directing or acting, he pours mesmerising colors into each aspect of Telugu Cinema.

Film lovers are joyful for this shy but beautifully expressive soul to have found a place in the Telugu Film Industry. With time, the director is bringing us engaging and entertaining content in many formats like films and web series.

He is one of the most notable talents in the industry, elevating it to a greater stage. Movies are his blank canvas on which he is painting a story, using the brushes of precise storytelling. Though we may enjoy his accomplishments, it wasn’t a path paved with roses. His is a tale of hard work and perseverance. A positive, balanced person, Tharun’s journey is an inspiration to all. Delve into his world and find out what makes him who he is. 

A secure, wholesome childhood

Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam had a childhood that was nurturing and supportive. He was born on 5th November 1988 to Vudhay Bhascker Dhaassyam and Geetha Bhascker Dhaassyam in Chennai. His late father was an engineer who resigned as an Executive engineer from water works. Mother is an applied artist who gave up her profession to take care of her son. She later chose to be a teacher.

Tharun is an only child and hence had all the attention. Still, he was not pampered. His parents were very liberal and never let him know of their financial struggles. But, they always gave him the best. 

Admirable education

Tharun completed his schooling from HPS Begumpet and graduated from Swamy Vivekananda Institute of Technology (SVIT) in mechanical engineering. He later added a feather to his cap from New York Film Academy (NYFA).  

As a child, he was very timid but always stood first until 6th standard. As he grew up, he represented the state and nation at various art events . Since he was good at art, he was not considered for debates or any speeches. Amusingly, he was also partially shadowed as his mother was a teacher at the same school. The best break happened when he led a group of students for an art competition and brought back a lot of accolades. Tharun reveals, “I requested a chance to speak at the assembly that day. A day when everyone realized that I could also speak well and grip an audience attentively.” The next captured moment  was when he played a small video at the Graduation ceremony of his batch in 2006. “Those were my teething moments of picture editing and screening.” 

From innocence to independence

Tharun’s childhood was nearly filled with art, music, swimming, tennis after school and dog shows or competitions during weekends. He was mostly an introvert and studious. His father was very protective and barely allowed him to venture even around their neighborhood to play. He was obese and was teased a lot. This is the primary reason why he would avoid people. 

In a turnaround, when he was in Class 6, his father allowed him to travel alone to Mysore as Tharun was chosen to represent the state in the field of art. “It was then that I slowly learnt to be independent and shed my inhibitions. I later travelled to Delhi and then New York for a youth conference,” he expressed. He, however, refused opportunities to study abroad and revealed to his parents that he would do something in India working for the film media. His parents were supportive and welcomed his decision. Even when studying in college, he was mostly visiting theatres and seeking out producers with his script. 

Home is where the heart is

Tharun’s creativity started budding at home, surrounded by his parents and friends. “Actually, my parents were the best friends I could trust upon,” he shares. He had a few friends who encouraged his art. His father always insisted that his friends be treated like family and would entertain them a lot.

All his short films were done mostly at home with his friends. There is no denying that the family’s pressure did detach them from him for a brief time, but everyone was present for the struggles he went through for his first film. “We play, we joke, we argue, we do show differences and yet we are together to get the best of the product we work for. I consider them my family and always wish they too get recognition individually in their careers,” he says emphatically. 

Skills for a lifetime

Tharun was good at art and won many competitions. This skill helps him in film making as well. “Yes, I did go to the NYF workshop. But, I feel learning comes more by meeting people and talking about their experiences. Observing attitudes and behaviours,” he notes. He reads a lot of books too.

Tharun honestly admits that freedom was the best education given to him by his parents, which in turn helped him learn better. They facilitated him with the best possible equipment and exposure with no restrictions that probably helped him learn with responsibility and give the best. 

For Tharun, art is not just drawing or painting. He considers every frame of his movies a piece of art. According to him, the life skills that work the most in the industry are tolerance and confidence. 

Goals that enhanced his passion

Initially, people around Tharun were very skeptical about his career in the industry. It was more so after his father’s death. “But I had the responsibility to focus on what he encouraged me to become. He would say that my choice was just right to reach a wide audience with whatever I wanted to portray or tell,” he shares. It was always his goal to make films with minimal time, people and finances and of course exploring reachable unexplored locations. This urge increased his intention to enter the industry and make a mark. 

Tharun continues to express, “My father visualised this much before I could even dream. His foresight and encouragement paved a path much easier to tread towards my passion. I still feel his guidance in my life.” 

Not a path of roses

Tharun says that nothing comes without struggle. And for him, every move was a struggle until he had a grip of the trade. That being said, any industry or work has its own pressure and pleasure, he agrees. The struggles were financial constraints in the beginning. It was also a lack of trusting or rather confidence in new talent as he was a stranger to those already in the industry. 

Best inspirations

“I admire a lot of people and their work which obviously put the urge in me to join the industry,” says Tharun. He grew up watching Mani Ratnam’s movies and admired his craft . He also watches and appreciates cinema of any genre or language. He loves the movie Pushpaka Vimanam by Singeetam Srinivas Rao. Being in the industry and knowing the nuances and the trouble that goes into making a film, every film he watches is an education to him. “It is like visiting a library displaying various categories with no specific choices,” he voices. 

The first steps before recognition

Tharun’s first script was actually received well by a film personality who soon backed out on inability to mobilize funds, as stated by him. Later, another producer seemed promising, but couldn’t take it further as he feared it may not garner success commercially. This was when Tharun was in his third year of engineering, who by then lost grip of his studies. Soon he began working on the story of ‘Pellichoopulu,’ which again embarked on a  roller coaster ride of unpleasant moments before it hit the screens. The director also lost his father just before the production stages. “The onslaught of pain and insults were beyond my capacity of sustenance. I couldn’t help seeing my mother bear the brunt of all the financial hassle. Yet, I was confident of success someday or sooner,” he shares.

Here, he proved his resilience. He worked with passion and a focus as art is always his forever love. “The strong connection to whatever I did is the support of my parents that made it easier for me to work diligently and also enjoy whatever I do,” he states. In his words, this probably helped him taste success much sooner than expected. 

A growing body of work

It’s been 4 years since Tharun stepped into the industry. He feels fortunate for all the opportunities and the recognition. He has worked as a director for three movies and acted in some too. He had also scripted and assisted for a few movies. He notes, “Well, I give my best to each work and it’s difficult to say which is best and to me every next one calls for improvement in areas which I feel necessary.”

Acting has always been in Tharun’s wishlist. Hence, he at the very least gives a second thought to the offers he receives. 

Excitingly, his efforts have won him many awards. “I’ve been fortunate in winning prizes from a very young age and feel blessed to get the highest award for my debut film making it most memorable,” he expresses. 

Many interests of an active dreamer

Skill in art gives Tharun the advantage of being observant of minute details. It has assuredly helped him carve a niche in the industry. Beyond work, the multitasker enjoys playing Tennis, travelling, swimming, cooking and bikes and cars as well. 

If not movies, he might have been in advertising or in any field of art. “I wouldn’t have minded taking to cooking either as I love the craft,” he concludes with warmth. 

Upcoming Projects

Tharun will announce his future projects in good time as there have been certain hitches considering the present global situation.

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