Yashwanth Master (The Rising Stylish Indian Film Choreographer) 2020


   To begin this with, Yashwanth Master is a well-known choreographer with his electrifying steps and flawless choreography. He has awe-inspiring talent in him, in the beginning, he was a famous choreographer only in South India but as time passed he even created his mark in the other parts of the country by choreographing some of the Bollywood album songs. 

yashwanth master

Yashwanth Master is noted as one of the passionate dancers and has a huge fan following with thousands of followers on Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Yashwanth master has even trained and produced the finest choreographers and dancers to the film industry. 

    Yashwant Master a 29-year old Choreographer was born in Gooty town of Ananthapur district of Andhra Pradesh on 5th June 1991, he is the only son and has got much love and attention since his childhood. 

He has the zodiac sign of Gemini. Yashwant spent most of his childhood with his maternal grandfather who adopted him legally as his parents were busy at work and moved to Chennai. 

Yashwant stayed with his grandfather until he was 12 years i.e 7th Standard but later he moved with his parents and started living at Hubli, Karnataka. He usually states that his grandfather was the one who motivated him to dance and participate in dance competitions. 

  Yashwanth Master was even interested in playing cricket and even participated in many of the tournaments. He completed his High School from Hubli and then he joined Sri Chaitanya college for Higher Studies in Bellary, Karnataka. 

He used to perform a lot in events of school and college and won many of the competitions. Yashwanth was known for his dance among his friends and family, he never went to any institutions but instead was self-trained.

   After completion of the 12th Standard, Yashwanth joined K.L.E University in Hubli to pursue BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration. During his graduation, Yashwanth participated in many competitions and won most of them with his grace and talent. 

Yashwanth visited many cities to participate in reality shows as he was not so stable financially, he used to prefer traveling in trains. Most of the days he traveled without any reservations and had to spend the whole time at the doors till he reached the destination. 

Yashwant used to travel to Mumbai, Karnataka, and many other places to give his audition for dance programs like DID – Dance India Dance, Indias Got talent, Dancing star, and many more. 

Yashwant Master was rejected in the audition phase for more than 7 times in reality shows but he never gave up and gave his best all the time. 

   One fine day Yashwanth received the fruit of his hard work, he got an opportunity to showcase his skills by performing in a reality show named Dancing Star, the show telecasted in the Kannada language. 

Though it was Yashwanth’s first reality show to participate in, he made sure that he would come out of the show with flying colors, Yashwant stood as the First Runner up of the show with his amazing dancing skills and unforgettable performances. 

   This was the beginning of his career, he was given an opportunity to be an assistant Choreographer to Cat Master in the Dhee Juniors 1, a show telecasted in the Telugu language.

 Later he outshined as a proficient and professional choreographer by taking up the post of choreographer in many of the reality shows like Dhee Juniors 2 (Reality Dance show telecasted in the Telugu language in ETV channel), Dhee Jodi (Reality Dance show telecasted in the Telugu language in ETV channel), Aata (Reality Dance show telecasted in the Telugu language in Zee Telugu channel), Kick, Dhee Champions (Reality Dance show telecasted in the Telugu language in ETV channel), Dancing star (Reality Dance show telecasted in the Kannada language) and many more. Yashwant won most of the shows as a choreographer, he won the title of Dhee Juniors 2, Dhee Jodi, Atta Juniors and Stood as a runner up for the reality shows as Kick, Dancing Star and Dhee 10. 

   Yashwant Master was not confined to reality shows, instead he made his debut in films and worked as a choreographer for many amazing songs and films in many different languages. 

 Yashwanth made his first choreography for a Kannada movie Kaal Kg Preethi, he then choreographed U-turn(Telugu Film) movie Karma theme song, the title song of Telugu film Raja Meeru Keka, Suryudike Neruga song from Telugu film E Maya Peremito, Hariloranga song from the Telugu movie BMCB – Bhale Manchi Chowka Beram, Bhula Diya Album song by Darshan Raval, Glass mates song from the Telugu film Chitralahari, O Baava song from a Telugu film Prathiroju Pandage, famous Bullet song from Telugu film George Reddy is choreographed by Yashwanth. 

He didn’t stop there later the song Chuppanthi from Bombaat, Neeli Neeli Aakasam song from the Telugu film 30 Rojulo Preminchadam Ela, No Pelli song from the Telugu film Solo Life is So Better is even choreographed by Yashwanth Master. Also, he worked for the title song of Dharala Prabhu in Tamil.

Yashwanth Master later in the year 2019 has started his dance academy entitled Yashwanth Dance Company at Manikonda, Hyderabad, India. The dance studio has got fame in various dance styles such as Freestyle and Hip-Hop. 

yash dance company

Yashwanth master in one of the statements said that he established the dancing institute with a vision to spread his love and zest for dance in many different ways possible and the Yashwanth  Dance academy is considered as a one-stop destination for all the dance lovers out there.

   Not only at Dance and Cricket Yashwanth Master has even shown his acting skills in various situations. Taking this as an opportunity he made his acting debut in a short film Thanatho Nenu which is in the post-production phase. This was all about the professional and Childhood life of Yashwanth Master.

Love Story

Now, let’s dive deep to know about his Love and Marriage life. Yashwanth Master got married on 27th April 2019 to Varsha, an air hostess in Indigo Airlines. 

yashwanth and varsha

    Varsha was born in Hubli, Karnataka. She went to schooling at Kushtagi, Karnataka and they both met each other during their secondary studies in Sri Chaitanya college. Varsha felt astounded when she saw Yashwanth for the first time dancing at their college farewell of their seniors, but she was never allowed or had no opportunity to talk to him because of their college rules. 

However, they talked during their final examinations and exchanged their mobile numbers so that they could talk frequently and know much more about each other. And then on one fine day when they were returning home for holidays, Yashwanth proposed to her and from then they were in a long-distance relationship until their marriage. 

Though they liked each other since their teens they wanted to get married with the approval of their parents and once they were settled. This took about 9 years for them and now they are happily married. All the Best Yash!

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  1. Yash master is my first and last chreograher of mine❤️❤️and I must say in my entire life he is my first and last inspiration in my life…really hattsoff to bid dedication, hardwork,and passion…he should be achieve great success in his life..😍😍and I must say he will be one of the great chreograher in Telugu film industry his dream is to become a great chreograher..so I wish he should success in his life with lots of achievements ❤️❤️and we love youu master 💕💕one thing I should say varsha bhabi also wonderful women😍😍so both of you be happyy with success in your life❤️❤️🙏

  2. Wooow…really inspiring and I have huge respect on him and I admire him so much…his commitment to his work, respcting elders and to his love…really admiring to me and so many people…..thankyou yash😁♥️

  3. I love u both varsha and yash garu I wish all the success in ur life u both are one of my best jodi in ismart jodi 🥰😍🤩♥️

  4. Am the big fan of Yash Anna and varsha vadhina… My love forever ❤️❤️…. My best inspiration… May all ur dreams come true.. shine like a Star 🌟🌟…

  5. We love yash master and varsha sis very much. Because the reason behind it he did so much of hard work to become great choreographer in Indian film industry. Varsha sis also so cute with her cubbies and expressions. She supported yash master very much.we love yashwanth family also nyc aunt and uncle they’re also encouraged Yashwanth master. Yash style is fantastic. Yash nd Varsha superb jodi made for each other we want they to win ishmart jodi 🤗

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