Yesasvi Bodduluri (Yash): A Journey of an Engineer cum Politician

Yasasvi Bodduluri (Yash): A Journey of an Engineer cum Politician

Meet Yesasvi Bodduluri or Yash who is a multi-talented individual and hails from Tenali. He landed on March 31st. He comes from a successful business-oriented family, his father, Mr. Prasad, runs industries and poultry farms, while his mother, Uma, takes care of their home. Having siblings is a blessing and Yesasvi has that blessing in the form of his younger brother.

Path of Education and Growth

Let’s shed light on his education. He completed his primary education at Gowtham High School and then pursued his higher secondary education at Narayana College. After completing his schooling, he pursued a degree in engineering from St. Mary’s Engineering College in Hyderabad. Furthermore, he went on to obtain his MBA from Symbiosis University in Pune, a renowned institution for higher education.

Sweet Memories of Childhood: Golden days

His childhood was filled with memorable experiences, and he takes pride in the wonderful moments he had growing up. As a student, he held leadership positions, serving as a class leader until 7th grade, then the role of a school class leader until 10th grade. Subsequently, he became an Intern Tym SFI leader, gaining valuable leadership experience. 

Additionally, when he was away from his parents for his junior college he started working part-time and paid his inter fees, then he completed his intermediate and joined the HSBC call center before starting his engineering course. He used to work night shifts and used to go to college in the morning time. He paid his engineering fee too while working part-time.

During his engineering studies, he was actively involved in student activism as a TNSF activist and became a prominent figure as a Telugu Yuvatha leader. Though his aspirations leaned towards entrepreneurship, life had different plans for him.

Professional career: Dreams to reality

Later, after completing college, he got placed in a well-known software company, Wipro Technologies, and has since had the chance to travel to over 20 countries. Since he was young, things always seemed to come easily to him. Even though his family had a successful business, he always longed for independence and was not too keen on joining the family business. Like everyone, he has his sources of inspiration that keep him motivated. He draws inspiration from his father throughout his life, and Chandrababu Naidu, learning a lot from their experiences.

Yasasvi Bodduluri (Yash) and Chandra Babu Naidu

“He has built a successful career. He is deeply committed to learning new technologies and improving his skills. Throughout his career, he has achieved many great achievements, receiving multiple awards and accolades. This includes the Best Technology Leader, Best Project Manager, and Best Business Relationship Manager awards.”

Political Evolution: A Political Landscape

He has a strong interest in political life and has been involved in related activities since his student days, such as participating in rallies at the time of elections. He was an active leader of the Telugu community in the USA and held different positions in Telugu organizations, including the Telugu Association of North America (TANA) and the Greater Washington Telugu Cultural Sangam (GWTCS). Currently, he serves as a Board of Directors for GWTCS and as the Chairperson for Student Services Portfolio in TANA.

A helping hand

Supporting a meaningful cause can create a significant and enduring positive impact on the lives of people who require assistance. In addition to his political interests, he is also a dedicated social worker. He donates 10% of his salary to support the needy and actively participates in providing education to children and assisting those in need.

He is an IT professional, who is currently settled in the USA. His grandfather and father are businessmen by profession and loyalists to TDP Since its formation. None of his family is into direct politics but always a supporter when needed.  Yesasvi Bodduluri has been active in politics since his student days, inspired by Mr.  Nara Chandrababu Naidu reforms, and development. 

Yasasvi Bodduluri (Yash) and Lokesh

Yesasvi Bodduluri Yash mentioned to us, he completed his engineering from a college that was established by Mr.  Nara Chandrababu Naidu. Afterward, he found a job in Hyderabad and traveled to 21 countries as part of his work before settling in the USA. In 2014, he returned to Andhra to participate in the election campaign and supported Mr.  Nara Chandrababu Naidu dedicating 6 months to the “Bring Babu Back” campaign and covering 116 constituencies.

Yasasvi Bodduluri (Yash) and Ramoji Rao

Following the 2014 election results and Mr.  Nara Chandrababu Naidu becoming CM, he returned to the USA and became less active politically, resurfacing in 2019 after the TDP lost the government. Yesasvi Bodduluri demonstrated his dedication to protecting his state. Despite being an NRI, he sacrificed his job and time with his family to work for the party and received direct appreciation from CBN and the party leadership.

“It’s great to see young individuals who have benefited from the TDP stepping up to offer support when it is needed,” he added.