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Neeraja Kona : #1 Celebrity Stylist in South India (Flick Companion – INTERVIEW #1)

NEERAJA KONA is the name that was in the buzz from the beginning of this decade. Who is she? Is she a Lyricist, Costume Designer, Poster Designer, Trailer Designer, Cinematographer, Stylist, Photographer, Writer, Poet, Entrepreneur, or a person with a blend of all such amazing talents?


   Yes, you read that right! She is the one with many talents and often has the commitment to fulfill her thirst to know the things by digging deeper into it. I can say it with complete confidence, as I have many examples for her dedication and passion towards her profession. I feel amazed to share them with you, there are many such things mentioned in this article.

Just like everyone else, do you also think that she got all the stardom overnight? NO! It’s all her efforts, struggle and groundwork that she had put in made her to reach this point in her life.

    So, now let’s dive deep in and know a bit more about Mrs.Neeraja Kona garu. Neeraja Kona is a 37-year-old star born on 29th April 1983 to a wonderful couple Mr. Kona Raghupathi and Mrs. Kona Rama. She was born in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India. She is a splendid outfit designer and stylist for many of the Kollywood & Tollywood actors and actresses for both on and offscreen.

   Neeraja Kona has completed her Masters from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles, and has come up with an idea of styling and designing outfits for the actors. Though she has got roots in the Tollywood industry and politics she was able to create her mark by breaking all the old hat thoughts that expect women to leave her career to make a perfect family.

 Currently, she is busy with many of the upcoming projects. Neeraja Kona tied her knot with her childhood friend Ajay on June 18, 2014. She then gave birth to a cute little boy named Ansh in the year 2015. Neeraja Kona says that her family has always been her support system and that’s what always lets her aim high in her life.


  Neeraja Kona has started her career as a Stylist for the film Baadshah-2013 directed by Srinu Vaitla, the film starred Kajal Aggarwal and Jr.NTR as lead roles and Neeraja Kona was a stylist for both of them. Later she signed for many actors and actresses. Neeraja Kona then met Samantha Ruth Prabhu the queen of South Indian hearts, she then became her personal stylist, and that meant to be her turning point. Now she is one of the most followed stylists on social media, many young women admire and get inspired by her work.

   Though she worked for the movie Baadshah-2013, the other film Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde starring Nithin in the main lead even released in the year 2013 was considered as her biggest breakthrough. That was the point, she then agreed to be a stylist for the Actor Nithin for the coming two films Courier Boy Kalyan and Heart Attack. During this time, she built an amazing bond with the actor Nithin and this bond even made them business partners. Both together started a Restaurant named T-Grill in Hyderabad in the year 2016.

Then as years passed she became a lyricist too, she penned lyrics for the songs in movies Thikka-2016, Gautam Nanda-2017, Tholi Prema-2018, Sketch-2018, Chal Mohan Ranga-2018, and Miss. India that’s about to release. Later in the year 2018, she even created a trailer and poster for the film Neevevaro.

       In March of 2018, Neeraja Kona announced her online store Kaluva which aired in no time after that. The project Kaluva was not just an easy going one for her, she said that she has done the groundwork for a year before announcing the online store. Kaluva has got a range of cotton wear as she thinks that the clothing must be given utmost importance, and they must be done with some breathable fabrics.

     To give the consumers the best clothing products, Neeraja Kona herself visited the famous Narayanpet and communicated with the weavers of the place.

   The Kaluva store has not only got outfits but even has some accessories too, the store prioritizes to use handmade fabrics that are easy and comfortable to manage and carry. Kaluva online store has a wide range of collections for Women, Men, and Kids. The store has got its registered office in Hyderabad.

   All the clothing of the Kaluva online store will be roped by the people of her hometown Bapatla. The Block printing of the clothes will be done in Jaipur, the master tailors of Hyderabad will work on Silhouettes, and Stitching of the clothes will take place in Bapatla – As per the statement of Neeraja Kona.

waves, sand and magic by Neeraja Kona

 Though Neeraja Kona is considered as one of the versatile designers and Stylists in South India who created her own mark, she always feels that Photography and writing are what actually represents her. Then in no less time, she proved herself as a proficient and avid writer and poet through her book Waves, Sand & Magic released on June 25, 2020. This book is a repository of 101 poems and photographs by Neeraja Kona and shows her passion for photography, traveling, and writing.

     Her writings show her art of work, her art is so precise and clear just like a pearl found on the beach. I am a bibliophile and even go across poems but I never felt so awestruck by just a single glance at them but I felt so connected while reading her work, it was so clear and touchy. Must say, that she really has got some applaudable writing skills.

You can get Waves, Sand & Magic Book from Amazon, just click here.

  Neeraja Kona is now even ready to test the waters in the direction department too, which was revealed by herself in one of the recent interviews. She worked for 68 films and many more to come, All the best!

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