Sai Krishna Gadwal: The #1 Film Marketer & Line Producer in Tollywood


      Sai Krishna Gadwal is one of the young Film marketers and Line Producers of the Tollywood industry. He worked with few well known actors and film directors as Tharun Bhascker, Vijay Deverakonda and many others.

sai krishna gadwal

   Sai Krishna was born on 23 July 1994. He was born to Mr. Gadwal Eranna and Mrs. G. S. Rajeshwari. Both his parents are retired government employees, Sai Krishna’s father is a retired APSRTC Depot Manager (DM), and his mother is a retired R&B employee.

      He completed his schooling from Bhashyam Public School, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. Later to pursue his intermediate Sai Krishna joined Narayana Junior College. Sai Krishna received his graduation degree in Computer Science Engineering – CSE from G.Pulla Reddy Engineering college.

      Sai Krishna Gadwal has got two brothers, one is Srikanth Gadwal who works for Synchrony located at Hyderabad and the other is Narendra Gadwal who works for Forbes Marshall at Pune.

      In many of his statements Sai Krishna mentioned his family as his support pillar and that he even shares a lot of work related stuff with them and takes suggestions too.

   Sai Krishna started a start-up company named “Filmiplex” which deals with movie promotions in his seventh – 7th semester of Engineering. Through his start-up company Sai Krishna started contacting people via Facebook pages and got his first foremost opportunity in the same way.

   Sai Krishna Gadwal got his first opportunity as a film promoter or marketer for the movie “Pelli choopulu”. He received a response from the Facebook page of the movie Pelli choopulu and they wanted him to brainstorm a few ideas to promote their film and get a presentation ready. 

  He then gave them a list of more than 20 ideas that would help them to promote their films that were completely according to their budget. Then after receiving his presentation, the team of the film wanted to meet him in-person at their office located in Hyderabad. 

   This was his turn as he got selected and was given a chance to work as a Film Marketer. From then he started working as manager for Tharun Bhascker (Film Director, Producer and Actor) and line producer at the VG Company owned by Tharun Bhascker. 

sai krishna gadwal

  He then started working as a Line producer and worked for many movies, web series and ads. Some of his works as a line producer  include “Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi” movie, Sangeetha Mobiles Ad with Vijay Devarakonda, Big Bazaar Ad with Samantha Akkineni and Naga Chaitanya, and Netflix Lust Stories Telugu which was directed by Tharun. He marketed films as Pellichoopulu, Meeku Mathrame Chepta and Pressure Cooker.

  Sai Krishna even acted in the film Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi where he appeared for a few seconds.

sai krishna gadwal

    After the film Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi received huge buzz among the youth, he got fame on Instagram as ENE line producer and even memers started making memes on him.

   Sai Krishna says that “No matter how much talent and will power an individual possesses, there must be an appropriate platform to showcase their hard work to achieve the things” and it’s Tharun Bhascker who gave me the opportunity and support to prove myself. Sai Krishna considers Tharun Bhascker as his brother.

   In the Film industry, Sai krishna chooses Tharun Bhascker and Suresh Babu as his main role models. As he knows Vijay Devarakonda personally he admires him a lot for what he is.

   Sai Krishna feels elated to work with such amazing actors whom he saw on the silver screen since his childhood. 

  He feels his first step to success was to become an admin for the Pellichoopulu facebook page and then later he was invited by their college staff as a special guest speaker for a short film event conducted. 

  Sai Krishna says that he feels delighted, as he is able to get hard working and willing youngsters into the industry by giving them some work. He helped few of the aspiring young brains to enter into the industry.

   He is now working on Tharun’s next film with Venkatesh garu and is willing to produce and distribute movies downline in a few years with his team Vinoothna Geetha – VG.

  Congratulations to Sai Krishna for the current projects and All the Best for coming ones.

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