Team (Karthik, Sruthi Chowdhry & Manisha Reddy Kandadi)


(1) Karthik

karthik nani

I am Karthik, Founder & CEO of White Ranking Technologies. It’s a Startup Digital Marketing Agency with a team of 6 people. WRT is a team formed to render content development as its flagship service along with graphic designing to the interested parties.

We strive to give our clients the most unique and informative articulation by visualizing the verbosity expected by clients and the information sought by the readers. Content will be developed with a strong secondary research done on its theme and with assured quality.

So, WRT delivers a complete professional and localized content to the client’s websites and blogs. 

Articles writers associated with us have an experience ranging from 1 to 4 years not only in article writing but also in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques which is our major strength.

We are familiar with the SEO techniques required to increase the visibility of a website. Articles written by us will be encapsulated with catchy and popular keywords which makes the content marketable. 

UntoldStoryOf.Com is our new project, and the main motto of this site is to present Real Life Stories of Celebrities (various professions).

I put quality work before all else, even while juggling multiple tasks. Multi tasking is part of my work ethic. My wish is to create the kind of content that is unique and original. Each day, me and my team coordinate to put forward the best visions of our clients, bringing stories and articles that consumers find pleasure in reading.

We understand that among the numerous press articles about celebrities on the internet, their real stories and personalities are usually misrepresented. Avoiding clickbait, we strive to give first hand information about your favorite people. Each story is an inspiring insight into their thoughts, which I save and pass on to our writer Sruthi. She moulds these thoughts into beautiful stories that we publish on the website.

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(2) Sruthi Chowdhry

Sruthi Chowdhry

I am an experienced content writer and editor with more than 6 years of creative as well as medical/technical writing behind me. I have worked with a focused mindset on any kind of writing with diligent research.

My goal is to provide original, quality centric and easy to read content. Writing for is an ongoing, respectful effort towards filling a vacuum that exists about how celebrities are portrayed. It is my desire to give each story it’s due importance with the most interesting insights into each individual.

(3) Manisha Reddy Kandadi

Manisha Reddy Kandadi

I am Manisha, a White Hat SEO specialist with 2 years of experience. I develop and implement all the latest SEO strategies to improve the search results through innovative ideas. I am very good at Quality Link Building through infographic submissions. My main goal is to increase the traffic of